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Todd Lockwood Artwork: Unfettered

Things are moving along quite nicely on the Unfettered front.

Most of the authors have turned in their contributions and only a small handful asked for additional time to give me something great. I am more than happy to give them that time. I want this project to be something that withstands the ages, an anthology that fans love to read and re-read.

Todd Lockwood has turned in his short story as well. It’s a great piece, one that will introduce fantasy fans to his writing style. He is writing a fantasy novel for DAW Books and his short story is set within that tale’s setting. I think you will love it.

But that’s not all he’s done. Todd has also managed to finish the artwork for the Unfettered cover! I think it is absolutely gorgeous. Moody. Atmospheric. It captures the intent of the project—not only from the authors being free to do what they like but for me to be free of cancer as well as medical debt!

Here is the cover:

Artwork for Unfettered!

As you can see, it’s a dynamic piece with a lot going on! I was surprised to see that Todd had taken elements from only my story contribution and set them in the top 1/3 part of the painting. The knight. The vampire. Death. The Vatican. It’s scary cool seeing my own work brought to life in a different medium by such a talent as Todd Lockwood.

Here is what Todd had to say about painting the cover and how it came to be:

The cover for the Unfettered anthology began months in advance, when Shawn and I first talked about his plans for the book. At the time, we didn’t know what any of the stories would be about, so Shawn suggested an upraised fist with a broken manacle. That seemed a little obvious and simplistic to me. We batted the idea around some more, and agreed that Shawn, himself, might be appropriate, since the anthology–theme, title, and content–was inspired by his (second) victory over cancer.

That’s where the idea lay until June of 2012, when it finally came time to do the painting. Since it was largely fantasy based, we agreed that Shawn ought to be in a cloak, and the notion of broken chains seemed more than appropriate. But then what? That alone might have made a good cover, but with so many authors contributing, I felt like the cover should say more. I’m on record as disliking montages as a general rule, but they have their place; the book itself was a montage, so it would work well here, provided I had enough imagery to work with.

Shawn sent me a list of stream-of-consciousness visuals derived from the stories he’d read so far, and asked his authors to send more. While there was some good symbolism, not all of it worked compositionally, and there was a fair bit of redundancy (at least three dragons, for example, including my own), so I realized that I would have to interpret loosely the ones that worked, and fill in the gaps between with other things that had the right emotional content.

And so, there is Shawn, tattered from his fight, but unbeaten, swinging his shattered chains. The knight and the Vatican derive from Shawn’s story, as does the spectral face above it. The owl, the faerie, the rose blooms, and thorny vines were also inspired by stories, and are the most literal elements. The crows and the splash of blood are things with emotional heft that filled out the movement of the piece. The ghostly, anguished face just above Shawn’s fist is thematic, and could apply to many of the tales within–it’s certainly background to a personal battle of any sort. Finally the teeth of a dead thing beneath the leaves began as a quest to fulfill one of the author’s suggested image ideas without giving away the points of a plot I hadn’t read… and finished as a glimpse beyond the veil to the things that frighten us most; the unknown, a foreshadowing of horror… or death.

It may seem overly dark for a project that is ultimately uplifting and hopeful, but it serves the stories, and ultimately that too is symbolic: it is always, as they say, darkest before the dawn. Let light be drawn out of the darkness then. Turn back the cover and read the book…

When Todd returns from the San Diego Comic Con, we will put the final touches on the actual cover of the book. That is when I will start taking orders! Yes, the day is almost here. I’ll give you all something great with the help of my friends and you guys will help rid me of medical debt with your purchasing power. Based upon the short stories I’ve read, it’s an even trade!

In the meantime, you might want to order The Dark Thorn, which is about to be sent to the printer! Those who order a S&N edition of The Dark Thorn have the right to purchase the same exact S&N edition number of Unfettered! Given the talent in the anthology, those 500 S&Ns are going to go quick!

More when I know it! Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Todd Lockwood Artwork: Unfettered

  1. Wow. That is a great cover picture. I cannot wait to get my copy. I am also counting the days until I receive The Dark Thorn.

  2. Waiting patiently for the pre-Orders to be availale so I can get the matching S&N copy of Unfettered to match my copy of the Dark Thorn. I am also stoked because Terry is coming to Milwaukee, WI! I have 24+ books to get signed so that will be me at the back of the line with the suitcase full! What an awesome year!

  3. Wow love the cover art. I only hope that a job will come through so that I will be able to afford the book when it’s available.

  4. Great Cover art!

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