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Unfettered edited by Shawn Speakman

The order period for Unfettered has begun!

The fantasy anthology features new stories from some of the best in the genre: Terry Brooks, Patrick Rothfuss, Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson, Jacqueline Carey, Tad Williams, Geno & R.A. Salvatore, Naomi Novik, Peter V. Brett, Daniel Abraham, Lev Grossman, David Anthony Durham, Peter Orullian, Blake Charlton, Eldon Thompson, Michael J. Sullivan, Robert V.S. Redick, Carrie Vaughn, Mark Lawrence, Kevin Hearne, Jennifer Bosworth, Todd Lockwood, and Shawn Speakman!

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102 thoughts on “Unfettered edited by Shawn Speakman

  1. Shawn, I may have overlooked what I was looking for or maybe I don’t need the info, but I don’t have a info telling me what number my “Darkthorn” book is so If there is place in the ordering of Unfettered for me to put the same number, I am not able to. Please advise me so I can order my copy of Unfettered; Thank you so much, Shawn. Wayne Palmer, Spearfish, SD..57783

    1. You don’t need the info. I’m taking care of it. 🙂

      1. Hi, Mr. Speakman,

        First, you’re awesome for putting all of this together. You’ve done an amazing job, and I’m glad the profits are going to relieve you of cancer costs.

        Second, in regards to what you have said here, by “taking care of it” do you mean you are handling the copy number detail for everyone who orders both? Because when I ordered my Unfettered copy a different order came up than my The Dark Thorn order, and I wonder if that ‘number’ is the signed book number or unrelated? I merely want to make sure I’m clear on the subject before it is too late!

        Thank you so much and the very best of luck with everything,
        – C.R.

        1. Yes, when people order, I am personally matching up the numbers. The order number you received is for the site, not for the matching sets. 🙂

          And thanks for the support! Means so much I can’t even begin to express it.

  2. Okay Shawn – I’m in!

    Not only is this an incredible line-up, I’m happy to help an e-friend in need.

    1. Very kind of you, Kurt! I think you’ll love it.

  3. Ok, One S&N copy of Unfettered has been ordered and I begin the long wait. I sincerely hope other Terry Brooks fans will support this worthy cause! Thanks Shawn for making this possible. Cheers and Good Health!

    1. So do I, Ghost! Terry’s fans have supported me already and if we can secure the rights to the Allanon short story that was recently only published as an e-book, those fans will support Unfettered without a doubt! haha

      1. Terry Brooks is my favorite author ever!! I’m so keen to get all of his books, short stories or ANYTHING, I appreciate this opportunity to get not only a couple of his short works and support a noble cause, but also get a view into other fantasy writer’s minds. I absolutely love Shannara, but fantasy of all sorts intrigues me. So excited to see what Unfettered entails!!

  4. Ordered!!! Come on number #72!! Now the wait (twiddling thumbs).

    Hope this works to pay off your debts, Shawn. Yay for the crappy American health system 🙁

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Ruth.

  5. Shawn your starting to owe me a lot of books haha.

    But really I love that you let us get the same numbers on The Dark Thorn and Unfettered. I am also thrilled you got so many signatures on both books. Looking forward to them. Can’t wait for the new Brooks book and The Annotated Sword of Shannara either.

    1. Hey Slice,

      You are getting a bunch of books! At least they are good books. I’m particularly fond of The Annotated Sword of Shannara for obvious reasons. Out of everything though, I’m excited for people to read my short story in Unfettered. I really screw with vampire history there.

  6. Nice a little insight to ur story Vampires =).

    1. The first vampire. Set in the Vatican. I’ll leave that up to your imagination. I may even post the first page or two as an excerpt for Unfettered. We’ll see.

      1. OH YES PLEASE, POST AN EXERPT!!! I don’t know if I can stand to wait, until early next year to get my hands on this book, without a little something to tide us over!!! Come on Shawn, PLEASE!!! I must say that you have my imagination running wild, The 1st Vampire, and in the Vatican to boot!!! COOOLLL!!! Thanks, Be Well with Continued Good Health!!!

        P.S. Did you ship my other 2 books yet? I’m on pins and needles waiting to get them!!!

  7. I’m in!

    Great looking cover, all those fantastic authors, all those signatures, bound in leather? It’s a steal at $150! I’m sure you wont have a hard time selling this out. Best wishes!

  8. Just placed my order, so excited! Thank you, and best of luck!!

  9. Got my order in! Now comes the really hard part, waiting to actually receive it! I hope that I get my other books soon, so that I will have those to tide me over, for a couple of days at least!! HA, HA, HA, LOL!!! 🙂
    Thanks again Shawn, and Best of Luck, I’m sure that “Unfettered” will sell out VERY quickly!! Take That, Collection Agency Goons!!!

  10. […] Unfettered is the result, an anthology built to relieve that debt, featuring short stories by some of the best fantasy writers in the genre. […]

  11. I’m sold! But I’d really prefer the ebook edition. Any chance a purchase of the trade paperback will entitle us to the ebook as well? Or at least a discount or early access? Hell, I’ll trade you back for it when the time comes 🙂 I’d rather you didn’t kill any trees on my account!

    1. Killing trees is what the book industry has done well for centuries! Ha!

      In all seriousness, the eBook will be coming out in February or March 2013 when the hardcover book is published. There won’t be a paperback unless one of the major publishers want to go that road—and with the growth of eBook I doubt any will. Early access is a possibility — maybe two weeks early. I’ve actually thought about that recently. We’ll see. Still a lot to plan when it comes to the release of Unfettered, but we are getting there because of good questions like this.

      1. I would love to be able to pre-order the e-book. (I simply can’t stand hardcovers, but I don’t want to forget about this.) Just wanted to let you know that at least one person wants this. 🙂

        1. Many do. 🙂 The problem is, the technology doesn’t exist — as far as I know — to accept pre-orders for ebooks. If I can figure it out, I’ll make it happen. No doubt about it!

          1. Can you set up a system to email us when the ebook becomes available? This is a book I don’t want to forget about.

          2. Hey Jayowen, it’s simple. Just join the newsletter at the bottom of Grim Oak Press. You will be notified by email every time a post is updated on the site. Since I only update once every few weeks, it shouldn’t be burden on your Inbox but you’ll get the information you’ll require.

  12. Ordered! Can’t wait! Thank you and best of luck.

  13. Hope I’m not to late! Just ordered my leather bound copies of “The Dark Thorn” and “Unfettered”. What an extraordinary idea Mr. Speakman, with so many of my favorite authors in one book, I cannot wait to read your volume as well as the stories by the other authors.
    Thank you and your companions for providing this opportunity. Wish you the very best of luck.

    1. Thanks, Donald! Be sure to thank yourself though. Without you readers, this wouldn’t be possible at all!

  14. Hi Shawn,
    Thanks for putting this all together. A truly amazing line up of writers and apparently they are a great bunch of people as well! Hope that this alleviates some of your burdens.
    Do you think Grim Oak Press is going to be transient business for you or something more permanent?
    All the best

    1. I don’t know yet, Shahriar. I think it will always be there in form or another. I’ve told my authors that if they get into a similar situation like me — since most writers work freelance and also don’t have health insurance — that I would be here for them in a similar capacity.

      That said, there are a few projects that I want to tackle. My own work will be published here but I’d also like to do some beautiful editions similar to what Easton Press does — just in a “normal size” hardcover. Ever since I was 13, I’ve wanted a beautiful set of the first three Shannara books, and that’s something I’ll be talking to Terry about if all of this goes well with limited stress on me. I’d love to put together an omnibus of Jacqueline Carey’s Sundering set, a similar story to Lord of the Rings but told from the losing side. Other than those, I have no concrete plans whatsoever but it will largely depend on all of you and what you want. 🙂

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  17. […] You can go pre-order copies over here. […]

  18. Ordered unfettered. could not afford the extra shipping to buy the Dark Thorn as well :(. Not sure why it’s so expensive though. It’s probably how the US postal system works. In The Netherlands a package from 1-6Kg or 6-12Kg is fixed price. And thouse books don’t weigh 6Kg together do they?

  19. Hi! I’ve just placed an order, i only found out about this site today. Very excited about unfettered, and love to support a good cause. Need to know though are there still s&n copies left?? My order number was in the the 7hundreds so i’m starting to worry we may have missed out on these already! (since shippings to the UK me and friend clubbed together) this site needs better publicity! I’m a fan of more than a few of these guys and yet today is the first time i heard anything about this on one of their sites(Patrick rothfuss) seems a shame it’s not being shouted about everywhere!

    1. Thanks for the support! The Order number is different from the Signed & Numbered number. 🙂

  20. Tried to order a signed copy today,the website won’t allow me. Are you sold out already?

    1. The Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered is sold out. The Trade hardcover edition is still available though.

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  22. Bummer to only find this today and miss the Signed & Numbered edition. 🙁 Sure you don’t want to do a bigger run than planned? I’m sure the authors won’t mind signing a few more, har har.

  23. I am hoping my copy of Unfettered is still available.

  24. Shawn:

    I went to order my copy of Unfettered based on the email you sent out to the purchasers of your book. However, it won’t let me select and buy. Your email indicated we had until December 1st. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Yes, you are doing something wrong. Not reading my last post on the website. 🙂 Go read it and all will become clear for those of you who ordered The Dark Thorn. Expect an email later tonight or tomorrow morning. All will become clear soon. Thanks for the support!

  25. I can give you my order number if necessary.

  26. OK – Just paid it. Thanks!

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  28. Ah man, really wanted that signed edition bad. But alas poor understanding of communication over a phone to have one ordered.

    Well what can ya do, the regular book will still be a good read I’m sure of that.

  29. Hi Shawn,
    Andrea from Italy here… I’ve not personally been through what you did but my daddy has and therefore in the family we all experienced how hard it was to cope with medical treatments, expenses and all that goes with them.

    So I think I can start to understand…

    Good luck and a big hug from oversea… you’ve got a new fan and I really hope my little contribute means something.

    A pity I’ve just discovered your website… sadly I have found out the numbered Unfettered is already sold out ;( however I ordered the trade edition… it hurts me I shall have to look for someone’s speculative auction on ebay or wherever when time comes to get the limited. I ould have preferred giving the money directly to you. 🙁

    Anyways, can’t wait to read the books! 🙂

    Cheers and take care!

    1. Thank you for your support, Andrea! Means a lot! I hope you enjoy the book!

  30. […] goes towards a good cause. What more could you ask for? Order The Dark Thorn here, order Unfettered here, read Shawn’s original announcement of Unfettered on the Terry Brooks blog […]

  31. […] guys. Again, I’ll post more about this in the months ahead. For now, get yer arse over and order a copy of Unfettered. Honestly, it’s going to have Brooks, Sanderson, Williams, Rothfuss, Brett, and a metric ton […]

  32. This looks like a great book and I look forward to reading it. I hope you will consider making an epub version available when you release the ebook, as not everyone has a Kindle or Nook.

    1. We will definitely be offering an epub version outside of Kindle/Nook/Sony Reader/etc. More on that when 2013 comes around!

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  34. Cool! I just sent in a money order (or is it pre-order?) for the trade hardcover edition. Can’t wait ’til early next year when it’s released. 🙂

      1. Certainly, I sent it to the P.O. Box on “How to Order” page. Hopefully it got there alright.

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  37. I heard about “Unfettered” from Brandon Sanderson’s website, which I don’t usually go to; but I’m glad I did. I ordered a copy, and I’m excited to read it, although I’ve only read the stuff from two of the authors: Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss. Thanks, and I hope your health returns!

    1. Glad you found out about it too! And thanks for the well wishes. You’ll want to try out the other short stories too. There are some real quality pieces in UNFETTERED. It won’t disappoint.

      1. Only some? Not all? Then I may be disappointed? jk I’m sure I’ll love it!

  38. I heard about this amazing idea through Her Awesomeness, Miss Jacqueline Carey, and just placed my order. I’m pretty stoked to be introduced to new (to me) authors, and to be reacquainted with past loves.

    The best of luck to you, Shawn! This will be a most excellent ride =D

  39. […] 08. Unfettered (edited by Shawn Speakman) — I’ve heard of this anthology last year. Shawn Speakman is an avid fan of fantasy and was diagnosed with Hogdkin’s Lymphoma. To alleviate some of the costs, many authors from the genre contributed short stories into this anthology. It’s coming out sometime next year. You could read the full list of stories included over here. […]

  40. Hey Shawn, just ordered a copy of Unfettered. Any chance I can get the matching number to my copy of DT?

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  42. […] decided to donate Mudboy to Unfettered, the anthology that is helping to alleviate the medical debt I was strapped with during cancer […]

  43. I ordered a copy December 1 and have yet to receive it. When might I expect it? I hate to bug you, but it was a Christmas wish for my husband and I am worried I won’t have it in time. Thank you in advance!

    1. As stated clearly on the front page of the website and on the ordering page, Unfettered is publishing in Spring/May 2013. So no Christmas present this year. Might have to keep it from him in 2013 though. 🙂

      1. Wow, I feel silly!! I will blame him, as he emailed me the link as a Christmas idea :). Thank you Shawn! Looking forward to it this Spring!

  44. […] Preorder of Unfettered.  I purchased this one already!  Whee, preorders!  Let me save you the effort of going to the site and copy the list of contributing authors: Terry Brooks,          Patrick Rothfuss, Naomi Novik, Brandon Sanderson, RA Salvatore, Tad Williams, Jacqueline Carey, Daniel Abraham, Peter V. Brett, Robert VS Redick, Peter Orullian, Todd Lockwood, Carrie Vaughn, Blake Charlton, Kevin Hearne, Mark Lawrence, David Anthony Durham, Jennifer Bosworth, Lev Grossman, Michael J. Sullivan, Eldon Thompson, and Shawn Speakman.  Profit from the book will go to alleviate the medical debt incurred by author Shawn Speakman during cancer treatment. […]

  45. As I have seen in all the previous comments, so many people saddened by the inability to order anymore S&N books.I would have gladly payed the fee or more even to be able to hold such an honorable book with so many amazing signatures!
    Ah well, The Wheel weaves as the wheel wills. If there is at all any possible way to obtain one more S&N books, please let me know. Thank you and I cannot wait to receive my copy of this book!

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  47. […] Dogs (the final version of The Dogs Project) comes out in Unfettered shortly. […]

  48. Is it too late to order the trade hardcover edition of this collection?

    1. Nope. It’s still available on the website.

      1. Wonderful! I am still hoping to pick up a copy.

  49. […] This summer Unfettered, an epic anthology of scifi and fantasy short stories by over 20 authors will be released. If you haven’t gotten your copy, I think there are a few of the hardback trade editions still available at […]

  50. Is there any plan to release this book for Kobo e-readers (chapters)? I have a Kobo e-reader and I would really like to get this book but I can’t afford almost $60 to get it and ship it to Canada.

    1. Yes, it will be on Kobo. 🙂 Just like The Dark Thorn.

      1. Thanks a lot! I’m really looking forward to read it 😀

  51. When will these be shipped out (place my order the 30th)? Not in a particular rush, just wondering though since it says shipping May 2013. Thanks!

    1. There was a delay. The shipping will start in the very last days of June and last three weeks.

  52. […] You can order the book in all manner of formats over here on Shawn’s website. […]

  53. […] are available on Amazon, or if you’d like to get a physical copy, head over to Grim Oak Press to order a copy — there’s a limited number of them, so get it while you […]

  54. glad to hear this will be shipping soon but very sad and disappointedabout the version made from the skin of a dead cow. it’s ironic that Terry’s books are all about defeating evil while we ourselves are horrendously evil to the other species we share this planet with. i would very highly recommend people check our to witness exactly what we contribute to when it comes to non-human animals.

  55. As a person who moves often, I don’t but anything but ebooks for my iPad. When will Unfettered be available in ebook for iPad?

    1. Sadly, it’s not up to me. I uploaded to iTunes the same day as the others. They are taking their sweet time to “review” the book, whatever that means.

      If you don’t want to wait, visit You can download it there.

  56. Alas, shipping is once again my downfall.

    Kindle edition it is, and I wish all the best too you Mr Speakman 🙂

  57. I heard the books just sent out, and does that mean people who ordered a trade hardcover will get an update on that too? Just asking because I haven’t heard anything since I sent a money order out back in October 2012 to the P.O. Box.

  58. I’ve ordered my copy. I’m extremely excited. Shawn, thank you so much for putting together this amazing collection. I challenge anyone to find a better collection of living fantasy authors.

  59. Loving this collection. Thanks for putting it together and taking so much care to ensure we receive books in great shape

  60. My signed edition still hasn’t arrived. Should I be concerned, or is this just the delay of trying to get all the signatures?

    1. As I’ve said, the delay is due to getting all the signatures.

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  62. […] the Unfettered story collection, his fellow fantasy authors donated stories to a collection to raise funds for his bills. Paste […]

  63. […] the Unfettered story collection, his fellow fantasy authors donated stories to a collection to raise funds for his bills. Paste […]

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  65. […] last year has been a great one for me. It saw the publication of The Dark Thorn and Unfettered, both of which helped eliminate my medical debt entirely. I’m thankful for that beyond words, […]

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