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Update: The Dark Thorn

The Dark Thorn has been edited, laid out for publication, proofed with a few minor corrections, and will be heading to the printer early next week. It will take five or six weeks for the Michigan-based printer to complete the task and ship Grim Oak Press the hardcover copies.

I have posted a new excerpt on The Dark Thorn page. In it, readers can see what the interior of the book will look like. I have also posted the Amazon reviews for The Dark Thorn. Might help some of you decide to buy it.

In the meantime, I am already preparing the preliminary ordering details for Unfettered.

After consulting Sub Press and Cemetery Dance concerning price point—I trust their judgment, having been in this business for so long—I have decided the Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered will be $150.00. The author line-up involved and their combined autographs makes this a rare book. I flirted with $125.00 but one of the presses above reminded me that this about relieving my debt, that I put together a helluva anthology, and it is worth every penny of the $150.00 at the minimum. So that’s what I’m going with.

Those who ordered the Signed & Numbered edition of The Dark Thorn get first crack at the Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered.

The remaining copies will then be posted—and undoubtedly will sell out within a day or two.

At least that’s my hope. The two collection agencies responsible for making my life hell are on my ass and want sizable payments by the end of the month.

With your help, I can make that happen.

Again, thanks for all the support! It means so much I lack the words…

36 thoughts on “Update: The Dark Thorn

  1. Eagerly awaiting my First Crack at Unfettered. I will pay the $150 as soon as you open that up Shawn! I can’t wait.

  2. Sent you an email, Ghost, with instructions how to order it! And thanks helping me out of the pit cancer put me in.

    1. I Ordered the signed and numbered Dark thorn some time ago and am very interested in getting the matching copy of Unfettered.. The reason i am posting is I’m not sure how to do so, I don’t remember receiving an email with instructions ..

      1. You’ll receive an email this coming week. 🙂

  3. Just ordered Unfettered and i cant wait. Is there any way to find out what limited number i will receive?

  4. Just ordered The Dark Thorn for 75$ not sure the #. How do order Unfettered ? I see it this way 150 $ is well worth it and I’m paying forward. Best wishes Shawn I been down the road with my daughter I know the expense, but I was graced with many people who came to our aid.

    1. Hey Thomas,

      You’ll receive an email soon with instructions on how to order Unfettered. You will automatically have the same number as The Dark Thorn, so no worries there. Hope your daughter is well and yes, I’m very lucky to count these contributors as friends.

      And in a few days, I’ll be announcing a series of auctions designed to help author Jay Lake — another author diagnosed with cancer — as well as Duane Wilkins, a 25-year fantasy institution here in Seattle who recently had to have several surgeries. More soon! It is already time for me to start paying it forward as well.


      1. Shawn,
        Thanks for the update on The Dark Thorn, and Unfettered looking forward to reading both. Just wanted to say Dark Thorn looks to very interesting by what I’ve been able to gather. Unfettered is just to hard to believe with many of the authors I grew up reading, and to have them all together all I can say is WOW. Great work there, and it’s for a good cause. I’ll be keeping an eye out for info on the auctions and hopefully I can contribute to the cause.
        Thanks Again

  5. Can I pre-order “Unfettered” without having ordered “Dark Thorn”? (Not that I wouldn’t love both but the budget doesn’t stretch far enough for both signed works!)

    1. Not yet. I’m getting closer to accepting orders though. It just depends if any copies of the S&N Unfettered aren’t spoken for. Right now, they are selling quick to the people who ordered The Dark Thorn S&N.

  6. Hey Shawn, I was wondering which book number I will be receiving?
    Thank you by the way, for the opportunity to have a single book with most of my favorite authors’ signatures in them.

      1. WOOT WOOT!!! =) That’s amazing! I love the fact that the Dark Thorn and Unfettered will match. Talk about an amazing feeling.
        I am also happy to support you in overcoming cancer related debts, because you are actually working to fix it. It’s good to see someone rising to the occasion and providing a product to move forward in life as opposed to expecting someone else to do it for them.
        Thank you for the giving me the opportunity to help,


  7. I’ll be ready to jump then if there are any copies left. 🙂

    Thanks for the response!

  8. Shawn, sorry to bother you, but what is my S&N number for the set of Dark Thorn and Unfettered? Does that number reflect the order in which The Dark Thorn orders were received?

  9. Shawn,

    Woke up this morning had my e-mail =). First thing I did order Unfettered !!! Can’t wait till sometime early next yr when it arrives. btw what’s the S&N for The Dark Thorn and Unfettered on my order.

  10. Just ordered The Dark Thorn 😀
    never read any of your works before and am looking forward to reading this!

    1. Thanks for the support, Linus!!

      1. uhm sorry to bother you but how do i order unfettered?

        1. Hey Linus, You will be sent instructions soon. Thanks for the support!

  11. Just ordered my copy of The Dark Thorn (signed and numbered)! I’m looking forward to reading this thing.

    I can’t wait for this special order of Unfettered too. So many authors I’ve read since childhood.

  12. Very glad to be able to support you with these projects Shawn and Terry Brooks deserves a ‘good guy’ award for getting the ball rolling. It is also nice to see that all you’ve given to the fan community with ‘The Signed Page’ is now being returned to you and that in turn you’re going on to help others – a virtuous circle indeed.

    Best of everything to you


  13. Ordered a copy of the Signed and Numbered edition of The Dark Thorn yesterday, looking forward to reading it!

    Waiting to order Unfettered as soon as I get the email 🙂

  14. Shawn,
    Just read first chapter and going to to read the other 5. I love the way you opened it up with a battle right from the start. If this is any indication to the rest of the story I’m hooked.

  15. Just out of curiosity, how do I find out what # I got? Thanks! Super excited about the books, they are gifts for my husband and he will be thrilled! 🙂

  16. Do you know if there will be any unfettered signed editions for those who haven’t bought The Dark Thorn? Just discovered this and would love to purchase a copy of Unfettered.

    1. I don’t know. That’s the risk you’ll have to take, I’m afraid.

  17. I just ordered Dark Thorn and I was number 491 so there will not be many if any. and this post is as of september 19th.

    1. You are fine. Relax. You will receive instructions soon about how to order UNFETTERED.

  18. Is there still a possibility to put in an order?

  19. Any chance of a shipping update 🙂 ??

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