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Update: The Dark Thorn & Unfettered

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It’s time for a quick update on what is going on with The Dark Thorn as well as Unfettered.

The Dark Thorn still hasn’t gone to the printer. Why? Because my editor found a mistake after we had edited and proofed the book. Since I have a relatively high OCD capability when pushed, I decided to give the book another look. Glad I did. I caught several problems, mostly names not spelled uniformly throughout the text (example: Myrrdin and Myrddin). In short, going over the book took me a while but I’m finished, much happier, and the book will be going to the printer this week. There is one thing left: having Todd Lockwood and Russ Charpentier sign 500 inserts. When they are done, the book will be complete. So we are looking at a November release right now—my birthday month as well as the release month for The Annotated Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks which I contributed to.

Unfettered is moving along as well. There are still several short stories that have yet to be turned in but all of them will be in my hands within a week I’ve been assured. There is one person who needs more time because their next book is due shortly. All in all, herding authors has been nothing like herding cats, thankfully!

I am shooting for a Spring 2013 release. If I have my way, Unfettered will come out in February 2013 but that’s only if we can get everything in, edited, laid out and proofed. There is also huge news coming this week. It’s going to make you guys very, very happy, I think. Stay tuned!

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  1. You can’t rush quality.

    Looking forward to both.

    1. absolutely. Quality is crucial.

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