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Pre-Order: Unfettered

The time has finally come.

Unfettered has been opened up to the public for pre-order!

For the last few months, while I finalized a few contractual obligations, I let people who ordered the Signed & Numbered edition of The Dark Thorn have the ability to order Unfettered. Those of you who have ordered The Dark Thorn but were waiting to order Unfettered, you are safe. Your copies have been set aside. You still have until December 1st to order your copy.

Those copies taken out of the inventory, there are now only about 150 copies left of both, money being filtered straight to my bill collectors.

But today, anyone can order these books. I have no doubt that the Signed and Numbered edition of Unfettered will sell out almost immediately. It is an impressive book to be signed and lovers of signed books will want it. And I hope some of you buy the same number of The Dark Thorn as well! Or a trade edition, at least. It’s been well reviewed by lovers of urban and high fantasy.

The trade hardcover edition of Unfettered is what will set me free from my medical bills though. That’s the book that must be sold in mass. Yesterday, I decided to include a blank signature page in that edition so that people can get the book signed by the contributors when they happen to see them at conventions and on tour.

There will be an eBook. The eBook will go up for order in 2013. More on that as we get closer to the book’s release!

A big thank you to my writers. They are friends but not one of them had to do this. They spent time writing these stories; they spent time protecting me from the financial nightmare that is uninsured cancer. I think we’ve put together one helluva book that people around the world are going to love. But I owe each and every one of them for a great long time. Being in debt is a bitch but being in debt to friends is a great deal better than bill collectors, I can tell you that!

And I also owe you, the reader, for ordering! Thank you! If any of you have any questions, just ask below in the comments field. I’ll get them answered! And if you are willing, please SHARE this news via your fantasy friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like! Getting the information out about this will be the hard part.

Happy ordering day!

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  1. […] Edition Note: There are two editions of Unfettered to consider. The first is a leather-bound Signed & Numbered 1st edition/1st printing edition limited to 500 copies and signed by all contributors. It is $150.00. Those who purchased the Signed & Numbered edition of  Speakman’s The Dark Thorn have the initial right to purchase the same number of the Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered. The second is a 1st edition/1st printing trade hardcover that is unsigned and is $30.00. The text for both editions of Unfettered is the same. To see the project’s website, go to: […]

  2. I just wanted to check if I all set in pre-ordering/getting a signed numbered edition of Unfettered since I saw there were only going to be 500 copies, but my email said I’m order number 602, even though it let the payment and order through. Just wanted to check, thanks again.

    1. THe order number is different from the Signed & Numbered number. 🙂

      1. Thanks! I’m super excited about this!

  3. […] Unfettered was born, and soon Brooks had been joined by an incredible list of names. Well, now preorders for Unfettered are finally available. You can help support Shawn and get some incredible, one of a kind stories, in the process. This includes a Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson Wheel Of Time story. None of these have ever been available before. 23 authors offering stories from some legendary franchises. Gathered together in a special edition ebook and print, including leatherbound signed collector’s editions signed by all of the authors. The books will be available in early 2013. But you can order now. Paper print prices range from $35 to $150 for the signed editions. Ebooks will be $12.99. […]

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