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Video: Brandon Sanderson: On Unfettered

Brandon and I have known one another for a number of years now. He first came to The Signed Page for the release of The Gathering Storm, the first of three Wheel of Time novels that he would complete the series with.

Since then, whenever he tours and visits Seattle, he stops by to sign books and talk shop. It’s always great fun. He’s super down to Earth. So when I was diagnosed and Terry Brooks suggested I contact some of my writer friends, Brandon was at the top of the list.

He didn’t disappoint. Here he is talking about River of Souls, his Wheel of Time contribution to Unfettered:

A huge thank you to Harriet McDougal too. We have never met but I hope that happens in the very near future. I owe her as large a debt as I owe everyone else in Unfettered. I hope I can repay it one day!

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