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Video: Eldon Thompson: On Unfettered

I’ve known Eldon a long time.

Back in 1998 after I had begun a Terry Brooks dedication website—a year before I knew Terry officially—Eldon wrote me. He was a screenplay student at UCLA wanting to contact Terry about adapting the novel, The Elfstones of Shannara. At the time I was no help to Eldon. That would change after a few years.

He and I eventually met and were fast friends. We had Terry Brooks as a commonality of course but it went deeper than that. Eldon is the most honorable man I’ve ever met. I think of myself the same way but he is more so. And in the shark-infested waters of Hollywood, that is a rare trait indeed.

The screenplay that Eldon wrote for Elfstones eventually went on to be purchased by Warner Bros. in a Shannara movie deal several years ago. While the movie was never greenlit into production and the rights reverted back to Terry, Eldon kept himself busy. He has written three great epic fantasy novels, beginning with The Crimson Sword, and when I began approaching writers for Unfettered I knew Eldon’s fans would want him involved.

As you will see from the following video:

Eldon’s story is titled Unbowed and features one of the more mysterious characters in his Asahiel trilogy. I think fans will love it&madsh;those who have read Eldon’s work and those who have not.

Again, I’m happy to have Eldon as a friend. And I’m just as happy that he wrote a story for Unfettered. He deserves more recognition as a writer but he also deserves praise for being one of the best human beings I know.

And you’ll enjoy his story. I know it!

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