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Video: Peter V. Brett: On Unfettered

Here is a new author video about Unfettered!

This one is from Peter V. Brett. I’ve known Peat for about five years now. I met him at a NY Comic Con right around the time his first novel was about to be published. We hit it off immediately. Peat counts Terry Brooks as a favorite author and an influence in his own writing. Since I work for Terry, Peat and I had a lot in common.

But since those early days, Peat has garnered a large and growing fan base with his own work. The Warded Man and The Desert Spear have begun a great fantasy series titled The Demon Cycle. The third book, The Daylight War, will be published in February 2013.

So imagine my delight when Peat offered to donate a short story for Unfettered. And not only that, but the short story would be set in his Demon Cycle!

Here is Peat talking about his contribution:

Learn more about Peter V. Brett at his website!

And if you haven’t ordered Unfettered, click to do so!

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