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The Remaining S&N Unfettered Copies

There are a few copies of the Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered left now that we have passed the December 1st deadline.

Those copies will be posted for sale on this website either December 4th or December 5th. I have to go through all ordered copies and match their numbers so I know exactly how many we have available.

Thank you all for your support! This has been an amazing ride so far and I’m excited this seems to be working! More on that in the weeks to come!

25 thoughts on “The Remaining S&N Unfettered Copies

  1. Shawn,
    Could you verify that I actually ordered my matching number of Unfettered already? Just wanted to make sure I’m not losing my sanity!


    1. You did, Thomas. So you are safe.

      1. Great, thanks!

  2. Hello! I am very very interested in getting one of the remaining Unfettered copies as a Christmas gift for my husband. I have already purchased the unsigned version, but would love to get a signed one to make his Christmas amazing! I plan on keeping an eye on the website, but is there anything else I can do to try and ensure I get a copy? Thank you so much!

    1. Nothing. πŸ™‚ Just keep an eye out.

      1. Ok great thank you! I am really hoping I get one. This whole idea is great, and I’m so thrilled with how many authors contributed. I just lost my dad to cancer, so you have been in my thoughts.

  3. I’m sure I have as well…. Oh god I hope so … I’m just so excited

  4. Shawn, probably a silly question but where do I find out what my number for The Dark Thorn and Unfetterred is ? I’ve checked in my account and it has an order number but the two don’t match up.


  5. HI!
    I’ve ordered a copy of TDT couldn’t find a notes to seller in PayPal just wanted to remind you I wanted it placed in with my original order to Save on the shipping,
    Thanks alot

    Oh, and how will we find out when the other S and N copies of Unfettered will be available might get another one to put in the same shipment if that’ll work.


    1. oh! is there a chance my copies will be matched? or do the numbers not match up because that’s okay! especially if it’s a low number I don’t know how early I was in getting my orders in of unfettered..

  6. Just checking…I place my order as soon as you announced the pre-order from Unfettered, but hadn’t ordered TDT. Then the post came out about all the Unfettered copies were already up for grabs first for TDT orders. Just making sure I’m on the “Didn’t order TDT, but can now get signed Unfettered copy” list πŸ™‚
    Another question…want to read TDT, but want to know if there is more benefit to you for me to buy the e-reader copy or a physical book. Want you to get the most bang from my buck!

    1. You ordered Unfettered and you are #351. So you are good there.

      As for The Dark Thorn, the most benefit to me is a physical book. But do what makes you happy. If you enjoy reading eBooks over physical books, go that way. If you order a signed copy of The Dark Thorn, I can match that up with Unfettered #351. Up to you. πŸ™‚

  7. hi Shawn!
    Andrea from italy
    i have jusr read your latest post..
    i checked if the numbered edition option was available but it still is not….
    does that mean the bunch of copies that should have been available are gone already or that you still have to upload them?
    i’m desperate to have one of those, even if i have ordered a copy of the trade hc already…

    ps in case they are still available is there no way to secure one NOW? i dont know what time i will be able to connect tomorrow,, due to my job…


      1. Done!!! πŸ˜€ thank you shawn!!!! πŸ˜€ hat a relief…
        ps since i have poace two orders, can i have them shipped in one parcel when time comes?
        the shipping cost is the actual sum of the 2 costs i paid?

      2. pps

        hope you can match 1 of my copies with your own book’s number πŸ™‚

  8. Hi! I just ordered the signed and numbered edtion, but now reading this It says it is sold out? Wouldn’t I have been notified while ordering that this was so? I’ll be incredibly bummed out if this is the case. I hope to hear back on this soon. Thanks so much Shawn.
    Take care,


    1. Unfettered is not sold out. It was sold out until December 1st but when people didn’t order their matching # set a few copies became available. You ordered one of those today.

      1. Oh Thank Goodness! The best present ever for myself !! Thanks so much for answering so quickly! I could just squish you!


        1. How do I find out which numbered copy I’ll get? I’m sorry I don’t mean to be a pest. Thanks again ~Amy

          1. No need to squish. πŸ™‚

            As for which number you’ll be given, I haven’t done that for these new orders yet. Maybe in two weeks I’ll have a better idea so ask me then!

          2. Ok thanks again! I won’t pester you till then! Btw, I loved The Dark Thorn,( yay! for nook)can’t wait for more! ~Amy

          3. Glad you enjoyed The Dark Thorn! More to come, for sure! Please leave a review on Amazon/B&N if you will. The more reviews the better it will help new readers decide to buy it. πŸ™‚

  9. Already done! With pleasure!

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