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Update: The Dark Thorn & Unfettered

cover-unfetteredrjI hope this update finds you all well and reading something great!

Unfortunately, I’ve had a terrible time as of late when it comes to The Dark Thorn. USPS lost the signature sheets for 10 days, a maddening event that drove me to the brink of my sanity. Then Todd Lockwood and I had to find the time to sign them after Russ Charpentier had, which took another week for our paths to cross.

The great news is, it is done. The printer has everything needed to finish the job now!

The Dark Thorn will be printed on January 9, 2013 and I should receive them around January 14, 2013!

In short, I will begin shipping copies of The Dark Thorn the week of January 14, 2013!

There are a few Signed & Numbered copies left too.

It’s a bit later than I wanted but I’m happy this is finally happening after all of the setbacks!

This week, I begin hard work on Unfettered. My authors will begin to receive edited short stories. I will also start designing the book, something I’ve been thinking a lot on as of late. Should be fun to create a beautiful book we can all cherish for a long time. The authors did their work; now it is time that I do mine.

The Signed & Numbered edition of the book is now also sold out.

Unfettered is looking like it will come out in late May 2013. I think I can adhere to that schedule. But if through unforeseen events it publishes in June 2013, don’t crucify me. I’m still new at this publishing thing.

More news when I have it! Thank you for your support!

And happy holidays!

3 thoughts on “Update: The Dark Thorn & Unfettered

  1. Can’t wait to read your novel shawn! 🙂

    please, let me know if you managed to match my numbers of “dark thorn” & “unfettered” 🙂

    happy Christmas!!!

    Andrea Bicego

  2. Shawn,
    It was well worth waiting for.Just received my copy of The Dark Thorn. I was thrilled with the quality of the binding, it’s looks and how it’s all put together. I’ve gone through 4 chapters already and plan on devoting every spare minute over the next couple days to finish the read.
    Love the story and the quality….Nice Job !!


    1. Thanks, Garry!! I’m happy you are enjoying the story but putting together a beautiful book was just as important to me. For me, a book is a beautiful thing from its contents to its delivery system. Wait until you see UNFETTERED. It will blow you away. I hope! Ha! Let me know when you finish The Dark Thorn and where you write your review.

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