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New Auction: River of Stars signed by Guy Gavriel Kay

guy-riverofstarsHi Everyone!

I have recently come back from the wilds of Las Vegas, a vacation after shipping out copies of The Dark Thorn for a week. No shenanigans, actually. Did get to swim, sit in a jacuzzi, have some drinks with friends, go dancing, and sleep in without a computer nearby. Twas nice!

And now, back to reality!

The first thing to report is Guy Gavriel Kay has donated a signed Advanced Reading Copy of River of Stars, his forthcoming new novel. The auction has been up since Friday last week and is already going strong. To view that auction and hopefully bid, click HERE!

All proceeds go to Duane Wilkins. You can read his story HERE.

Please, share the auction link on Facebook and Twitter with your fantasy-reading friends! The more sharing, the better for everyone but especially Duane!

More soon!

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