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A Simple Contest: Win A Rare ARC!

Hi Everyone,

I hope this post finds you all well and reading… something great!

Now that I have finished with the initial shipping of Unfettered, I can turn to cleaning up the rest of my life and having a bit of fun. The Signed Page will have some new books put up for pre-order soon (Sanderson, Carey, Paolini, Robinson, Williams, Kate, Dashner, etc.), I have started writing again after a month break (I left off at a fight or flight scene that is kickass… unsure how I could stop there!), and I have some interviews to finish for Suvudu—but I decided to go straight to the fun!

A contest! I’ve been asked a few times from readers asking if there would be a contest. I thought about it. And thought about it. Thought about it some more. And I think I came up with a fun one—at least I think it is fun.

I want to spread the word about Unfettered. It has sold very well. I can’t complain. I printed 5000 copies and I only have about 1000 left. They are selling quick but word of mouth might lead to a 2nd printing, a printing that will feature the painting Todd Lockwood is painting right now for the limited Signed & Numbered edition (many of you who missed out on the S&N edition grumbled you wouldn’t be able to have that cover… well, you might now if that 2nd printing happens!)!

What’s the best way to spread the word? You guys, of course!

I have created a graphic that fits nice and neat into a Facebook Timeline. Here it is:


Here are the steps to enter the contest to win 1 of 5 hardcover ARCs of Unfettered (super rare at only 250 produced signed by four of us contributors) as well as 1 of 5 copies of The Dark Thorn:

  • Take the image above and change your Facebook Timeline Cover to it (you can see an example on my page HERE).
  • Leave the image up as your Timeline Cover for two weeks (contest ends on August 14th).
  • When you have made the change, use the form below to send in your name and mailing address (all confidential).
  • I will check your Facebook Timeline to confirm the promo image.
  • In two weeks, I will randomly select five winners from the entries received. I will then re-visit those people’s pages to see if the image is still up. If so, they win! If not, I find another winner.
  • International entries welcome, of course!

And yes, I will do something with Twitter too. Anyone have any good suggestions to help spread the word about Unfettered on Twitter? A contest idea? Let me know by using the Comments field below!

Thank you all for humoring me. I think this will be fun and will help spread the word! Plus, I like giving away books. Tis fun!

I hope you all are well! And reading something great!


PS: If you’ve read Unfettered and/or The Dark Thorn, definitely be sure to write them reviews on Amazon/BN/etc. That also helps spread the word. Thanks!


13 thoughts on “A Simple Contest: Win A Rare ARC!

  1. Thanks. I got both books on my Kindle, Can’t wait to start reading them

  2. How does this sound for a Twitter contest? Sent from a friend of mine:

    Require people to use Hashtags #Unfettered #ShawnSpeakman and post about the book. Have them tag you in their tweet for official entree. Then at the end you can sort through which posts have been retweeted the most or commented on the most and select the top 5.

    1. That would be a fair amount of work. I have entered a few contests that use rafflecopter. I believe there is a free version to use. It can track stuff like facebook page likes, blog entries and it can track facebook follows and tweets.

      Here is the site to rafflecopter

      Here is a contest currently using rafflecopter (Hoping I win a Kevin Hearne cover poster!))

      Hopefully that helps you out with some ideas.

  3. Oh man, I really want an ARC!! I’m really enjoying the stories so far, Peter V. Brett definitely has another fan now 🙂

  4. I’ll have you know that I have NEVER set up a cover image on Facebook before. I plan to go back to not having one after this contest. 😉

  5. The book is awesome Shawn. I just received my copy of Unfettered in the mail today. I am looking into getting Dark Thorn when I have the funds.

  6. You rock brother! Good luck on the reprint!
    Lots of love from Tejas…

  7. I already have both of the potential prizes, so I won’t be entering, but I’m definitely changing my cover photo. I finished Unfettered two days ago and am already encouraging friends to pick up a copy.

  8. […] For those who may be interested, Grim Oak Press is currently running a contest in which five winners will each receive a limited edition advanced reader copy of Unfettered, plus a hardcover copy of Shawn Speakman’s The Dark Thorn. All contestants have to do is post an image advertising the anthology to their Facebook page, and leave it there until August 14. To obtain the required image and review complete contest details, visit: […]

  9. Sorry I submitted two. I realized that my Facebook page is under a name other than the one I entered with (complicated family stuff) and would probably not be findable without a link. Hence the second submission. My apologies.

  10. I just finished UNFETTERED today, and am even more excited and hopeful to win one of those ARC. Amazing work from all the authors, and easily the book I’ll be recommending to those who want to try reading Science Fiction and Fantasy for the first time. I loved The Unfettered Knight in particular. It was fun to look at this character we only got to hear about in passing. Looking forward to the next book in that series.

    Reviews are up on Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. Great stuff!


    Anthony Snow

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