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Orullian Unleashes the Unfettered Song

orullianEvery once in a while, I’m blown away.

With Unfettered, it’s happened more times than I can count.

This is one of those times. Anthology contributor Peter Orullian has produced a song for Unfettered. He has written lyrics based on every single story in the anthology and, writing music as well, created a badass song that resonates not only with the purpose of the anthology but the strength of friendship.

Lour Nail is the recording duo of Peter Orullian and Primo Pulanco. The song helps promote the anthology but sales for the song go toward cancer research.

If you dig Dream Theater, Nightwish, Queensryche and similar sounds/bands, you may dig this tune. And in case you’d like the lyrics:

River of souls
It will ebb and flow
Like the Hadeshorn
Roils with a man’s despair

One child’s guilt is endless
His family burned
Another spends a coin
From a rapist’s hand

In your mind, you’ve the strength to fight your demons
The beauty might even stay the hand of God
Follow and you’ll die, unbowed I’ll honor life
And I’ll never regret, an hour I spent in her light

Violence, threat and pleasure, a dog sound
He is just not the same
Teeth are not just the province of dogs though
Watch as a dad walks away

Lazarus wants death, and
Doesn’t care who pays
While a child’s dead pet
Has the heart to stay

A dragon in the stars
The judgment of a simple thorn
Until the record fades
And all that’s left are childhood games

The sky will rain its power
And give us life, like it was before

I’m not known to wander
I’m not known to hate
I’ll show you simple beauty
As a holly leaf that has the strength to stay

I could do worse, my friend, than
Playing the jester in this fight
I’ll be a guardian angel
Over a simple life
And like a king I’ll face it
I’ll take this battle on my own
And find the grail I’ve searched for
Beyond the wasteland down the road
I want to rise, I want to fight
I will sing Suffering ’til the end
And if I’m right, without my sight
My song takes flight, I am unchained
From the chains that fetter my soul

I don’t know about you, but I love the song! Especially following along with the lyrics and knowing which words came from what stories. To read more about how Peter arrived at his lyrics and the project in general, click HERE!

To buy, here are links: iTunes | Amazon | And pretty much every other music store

I feel unfettered.

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