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Update: Signed & Numbered Edition

It is time to update people concerning the Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered.

As I’ve updated before, there is a delay for the book due to the signatures sheets needing to be signed by twenty-two writers. These writers are spread over the globe. I sent the signatures sheets first to author Mark Lawrence, because he was the furthest away. I did this for a simple reason: If the signatures sheets were damaged in transit over the Atlantic Ocean, only one writer’s signing work would be gone.

Mark finished his work on the signature sheets and they have been making their way westward ever since. It takes about a ten days for a writer to sign the sheets and send them on their way. With twenty-two writers, you can multiply and see why it is taking so long.

The signature sheets have also been signed by those writers in the East of the US. David Anthony Durham. Lev Grossman. Peter V. Brett. Robert V.S. Redick. Naomi Novik. Michael J. Sullivan. And R.A. Salvatore.

Right now, the sheets are with Jacqueline Carey. She will finish signing today or tomorrow. And then the sheets to go Patrick Rothfuss.

If you note from their biographies, Jacqueline and Patrick are in the middle of the US.

Once Patrick is done signing, the sheets will go to Daniel Abraham, Kevin Hearne, Jennifer Bosworth, and Eldon Thompson, who all live in the Southwest/Southern California. From there, the sheets will go to Blake Charlton and Tad Williams in Northern California.

Then Brandon Sanderson in Utah and Carrie Vaughn in Colorado.

At that point, it will be easy. Because the sheets will venture their way north to Seattle where there are four of us left to sign—Terry Brooks, Peter Orullian, Todd Lockwood, and myself. The Signed & Numbered edition of the book is already designed—just waiting on a new piece of cover art from Todd Lockwood—so once the signature sheets return to Seattle it will be an easy print job, one that will happen quickly.

For everyone’s patience, I am doing some special things with the S&N edition now. The book will have gilt pages, a ribbon sewed into the binding, a new piece of cover art, and a slipcase. I know it is going to be a gorgeous book!

I hope everyone will continue to be patient. It will make for a much better book. I can’t estimate when the signature sheets will be ready, but needless to say when they are I will update this website immediately with that news.

Hope you are reading something great!

15 thoughts on “Update: Signed & Numbered Edition

  1. Take as much time as you need. I’m sure it will be lovely. Very excited!

  2. Thank you for the update Shawn! Your stellar communication adds to my patience.

    Forgive if this is a rube question: Before each author’s story, is a signature page. I know you’re not shipping 250 copies of the book around the country. I envisioned each author receives 250+ of only their own signature page. They sign and return their pages. Once Shawn receives signed pages from all 22 authors, he carefully reassembles and brings to the printer for binding.

    Your update sounds like that is not the process. What do I have wrong here?


    1. That all sounds fine, David. In a perfect world. But we don’t live in that world and the process is different from the one you described. The printer would not insert 23 pages into each and every book of the 500 copies. It’s simply too large and complicated to do it that way.

      Instead, like other anthologies, we will have one single page at the front of the book signed by everyone. And shipping that one page around and having writers sign 500 of them takes time.

      1. Got it. Makes sense. Thank you! (I’m a signed anthology virgin.)

  3. Thank you so much Shawn 🙂

    I believe its only the one page that gets put in the front Dave. So you will get one page with every authors signature next to their name.
    Peter v Brett did an update about it awhile ago – they look awesome!

  4. Thanks for keeping us updated, Shawn.

    I love the new enhancements you have planned for the book!

    1. I think it is going to be a gorgeous book!

  5. Have I put in an order for it, Shawn? I thought I did, but now I just can’t remember… If I haven’t, is there a way you can check if I have? I need to order it

    1. Yes, Cara, you are down for it already.

      1. Jubilations!

        Thanks for the update

        I don’t mind waiting. We have a saying in Norway: The one who is waiting for something good, never waits in vain

  6. Thanks for keeping us updated Shawn, I have no doubt the book will be well worth it Thanks again.

  7. Whee! Can’t wait but let it take as long as it needs to. Your updates are sufficient while we’re waiting. 🙂

  8. Let me add my thanks for the update! I have loved the book so far. I got the e-book as well so that I didn’t have to wait or handle my signed edition a ton (which makes me a little sad that a book will be on my shelf that has never been read, even if I have already read that book in a different format). I can’t wait for this gorgeous book! On a different note I read The Dark Thorn earlier this year and loved it.

    1. Glad you loved The Dark Thorn, Jeremy! Hope you enjoy my short story in Unfettered too!

  9. Shawn, as always, thanks for the update. Having purchased and read the ARC, I have no problem patiently waiting for the signed copy and have a special place set aside for displaying it. Hope you have a joyous holiday and an exciting new year!

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