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Only 400 Unfettered Left

cover-unfetteredHi Everyone,

I have two updates to bring you today.

The first is a rather cool one. The trade hardcover edition of Unfettered had a print run of 5000 copies. It’s a large print run for a small press publisher but, given the names on the Table of Contents, I knew we’d need at least that many.

That said, it was not large enough for demand. I only have 400 copies left of the first print run. That’s pretty incredible considering it has only been published since July 1st.

What does that means? It means a couple of things.

1. The first printing is almost sold out. If you know of any fantasy fans who you think might want a first printing / first edition copy of Unfettered, share this news with them. They might want to get one before they disappear in the next few weeks.

2. There will likely be a second printing on the way. I was up in the air about this, to be honest. A few of the contributors wrote me though and said they thought it would be a good idea to keep their stories out there for a bit longer than a mere three months. Todd Lockwood offered to paint a new cover for the new printing, and Rothfuss artist Nate Taylor offered to illustrate Pat’s story. No new stories will be added—unless you guys want me to include a new Annwn story titled The Twilight Dragon. That’s up to you though. So voice your opinion.

Now. On to a Signed & Numbered update. Authors are still signing the signature sheets. Jacqueline Carey has finished. Patrick Rothfuss finished today. And now they go to Carrie Vaughn in Colorado. From there they will head south to Kevin Hearne and Daniel Abraham. By the time they finish, Brandon Sanderson should be finished with his Steelheart tour and they will head to Utah. Then California for Eldon Thompson, Jennifer Bosworth, Blake Charlton and Tad Williams. Then northward to Seattle for Terry Brooks, Todd Lockwood, Peter Orullian, and me. Twelve authors left. Thank you for your patience. I promise it will be rewarded in the best looking book I can create!

So, there you have it. A small update! If you have read Unfettered, please review it on Amazon / B&N / Goodreads / Etc. All I ask is that you are honest!

Hope you are reading something great!

In care,

PS: I have sold some foreign rights too, recently. It will be announced when I can share!

3 thoughts on “Only 400 Unfettered Left

  1. A second printing would be awesome. A new cover, Nates illustrations and your new story would just be icing on the cake so to speak. Do it!!!! (please)

  2. I ordered the signed and numbered edition when it was first announced. Though I have no doubts that the new artwork and story would be worthwhile additions to the anthology, I can’t help but think that my original copy would be lacking something that later editions have as bonuses.

  3. I’m afraid I would agree with Shawn that a second printing with additional artwork and story would tend to devalue the signed and numbered edition we have so patiently been waiting for. If you make a second printing please don’t undermine the faithful supporters that were there from the beginning. I do look forward to your new story, but would prefer it as a separate release. Thanks.

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