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Update: S&N Unfettered

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I can’t believe that 2013 is gone. It went by so quickly but it was a good year. It saw the publication of The Dark Thorn and Unfettered, the combination of both eliminating my medical debt. And, as it turns out, both books were favorably reviewed. Thank you to everyone who bought these books. It means a lot.

Now it is 2014 and there are some big things on the horizon. I will not talk about them yet. Let’s just say that I will be partaking in two different anthologies, one of which is the sequel to Unfettered. It already has one helluva a line-up. Proceeds from this new anthology will go toward alleviating medical debt, medical bills, medical co-pays, medical deductibles (see a theme here?) for others working in this industry who need the financial help. I can’t wait to tell you all about it but, needless to say, I will be paying forward to others all the help you guys gave me!

There is still one thing to take care of though. The Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered.

As I’ve said previously, the signature pages for the book have been making the rounds with the book’s contributors for almost a year. Twenty-two people in all. It takes a long time to get that many signatures done. I won’t make the same mistake in future anthologies, I’ll tell ya that!

Blake Charlton currently has the pages. He posted this picture tonight on his Facebook page:


As you can see, there aren’t many signatures left to finish. Blake will finish his sometime in the next week. Then they are on to Tad. Then up to the Pacific Northwest. It’s even easier than you might think though. Terry, Peter, Todd, and I all live in close proximity to one another. It should be easy to get those final four signatures done.

Todd Lockwood is also contributing new cover artwork for this book. He is in the middle of completing that. No word when he will be done but when he is, you all will be the first to know.

In short, I’m hoping to have the book to the printer soon (next three months at the outset). I can’t be more specific than that because it depends on the factors posted above. And when the book is completed in its entirety and it is sent to the printer, that news will also be posted here immediately!

Thank you for your patience. You have no idea how excited I am for this book to be done. This will sound crazy, but I want this book on my shelf as badly as you all do!

More news when it becomes available. Have a wonderful start to 2014! And I hope you are reading something great. I’m currently reading Red Rising by Pierce Brown. Look out world. Add this book to your reading lists now. It publishes soon and you won’t want to miss it.

In Great Care,

12 thoughts on “Update: S&N Unfettered

  1. Sounds great!
    Can you put me down for a copy of Unfettered 2 now? Or is it a little soon to pre-order?? πŸ˜‰
    I am super stoked to get this book on my shelf!

    1. You will want the anthology between the Unfettered anthologies too, FYI. πŸ˜‰

  2. Hey Shawn, I am ready to sign up for all the new signed and numbered your doing. It’s a great thing your are doing. I have chronic health issues so I have a more personal take on the value you are providing than most. I just found this post after checking an account for my signed and numbered stuff and it said completed but you said this place is closed because the cart is not acting right. Good luck with all that and I look forward to an update.

    1. Thanks, Occam! I hope to get things right around here before too much longer. πŸ™‚

  3. Shawn, I just learned about /read your story and have been blown away by the generosity of all who contributed to this project. I know it’s easy to say that you couldn’t have done it without their help, but your part in this is more inspiring still. From what could have been the darkest point of your life, you found not only the will to fight back but to flourish.

    And now I wait excitedly for my copy of Unfettered. If there’s a wait list for the signed edition of part two, please add my name.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Clayton! The world we live in has much fault but the Unfettered contributors and their readers have proved unequivocally that light trumps darkness. I just hope I can pay forward the generosity I have been shown with Unfettered II and future projects! Hope you enjoy Unfettered and if you ever have any questions, just ask. I’m always around!

  4. How’s production coming? Is there a ship date in sight yet? Also, if a second unfettered is released will those of us that ordered S&N editions of the first installment have first pick?

    1. No ship date yet. The signature pages have to be signed by one last author and then the pages come back to Seattle where they must be signed by myself, Todd Lockwood, Peter Orullian, and Terry Brooks. So we are getting closer… just not close enough to know when the book will be done by.

      And yes, those with the same number of Unfettered can order the same number as Unfettered II. That was my promise two years ago and it holds true.

      1. Thanks Shawn. Your book has introduced me to some great fantasy series, and I have already read no less than three books specifically because of Unfettered. Dark Thorn was one of those, and I loved the storyline you have there!

  5. wow I wish I would have known of this project when it started. I would have purchased a signed copy for sure. If there for some reason end s up being an extra I would love to buy it. If not I will go ahead and buy a standard hardcover or ARC. Thank you so very much. It would be kind of fun trying to make the rounds and have everyone sign it the hard way.

    1. Thanks, namdor! Oddly enough, despite the long delay with the S&N edition, no one has asked for a refund. It’s going to be hard getting a copy, I can tell you that.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. It never hurts to ask is my motto so thanks for the information. I live in Spokane Washington and I was also wondering if there are places I could purchase the book in person even if it require me driving to Seattle? I don’t mind ordering online though. I saw something online that you will be in Spokane for worldcon next year. Thanks again for everything you do and for fighting the fight!

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