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Update: S&N Unfettered

Unfettered Signatures!
Unfettered Signatures!
I can announce a publication estimate for the Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered!

Yes, I said announce an estimate. I have been very careful about all of this. After all, we have seen what happens to writers who make manuscript delivery estimates and not meet them. Hate. Anger. A penchant for obtuse internet trolling. I decided early on I would not announce a publication date because I had no idea how long it would take Unfettered‘s contributors to put their final ink on the signature pages. It would be unfair to everyone to guess.

I’m thankful I didn’t. Looking back, I would have estimated quite poorly. It took a long time to send the signature pages around to every contributing author—some of them as far away as England. They signed these pages when they could find the time between writing and life. I did not push them. I abhor stress. I knew they would sign the pages and pass them on when they had the chance.

And I am forever grateful for them doing so, obviously. The money raised by the S&N edition of Unfettered paid the initial bulk of my medical debt.

Today, after all of that, I am writing this update and making an estimate because I think I can do so.

Late last week, I received a package from author Tad Williams.

In the package? The signature pages.

You can’t know my happiness!

Before you get too excited, these pages are not fully signed. Not yet. They are close though. They have been signed by eighteen of the twenty-two writers. Who are the four left? This is why I can give an estimate today.

The four writers who have yet to sign are Terry Brooks, Peter Orullian, Todd Lockwood and myself.

And we all live in Seattle.

I believe it will be relatively easy to get these signed by the end of May. There is no shipping required, after all. And by the end of May, Todd Lockwood must have finished the new painting that will make up the dust jacket for the S&N edition of Unfettered! It appears as though things are aligning, right?

I do not have an estimate from the printer yet for the S&N edition. I do not know how long it will take. But printing took six weeks for The Dark Thorn and seven weeks for the trade hardcover edition of Unfettered. I will be safe and give the printer ten weeks for the S&N edition.

Therefore, I think the Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered will be ready to ship in August 2014. And if it happens faster than that, I’ll be happy indeed!

Thank you all for your patience. It really will be a beautiful book. I promise you that. Your faith in me will be rewarded. And you’ll have a gorgeous book to cherish for a very long time!

More news when I have it! Until then, get ready for Neverland’s Shadow and Unfettered II!

What? You didn’t think I’d tell you everything I’ve been up to, did you?


4 thoughts on “Update: S&N Unfettered

  1. So excited for this and thank you for the update!

  2. W00t! Best news this month!

  3. Thanks for the update Shawn. All good things to those who wait 🙂

  4. Shawn, I had not visited Grim Oak Press since the end of 2013. This is wonderful news! I had faith that this HUGE project would come to fruition. I am thrilled for YOU that everything is finally coming together. I purchased the e-copy of Unfettered and was very pleased with the collection of stories it presented. Thanks for everything and blessings to you and your health.
    (Trying to get the mrs. and myself out to visit friends in the Seattle area. Hopefully we might find ourselves in the vicinity.)
    Take care.

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