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June Update: S&N Unfettered


It is June. And with June half over, it’s time for an update for the Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered!

As you can see in the photo above, Peter Orullian and Terry Brooks came over to my home to sign their share of sheets. Peter finished his. Terry got all but 100 done in the time he had allotted. I signed all of the sheets as well although I have not numbered them yet.

So what does all of this mean?

Here is the update:

  • Todd Lockwood has all of the sheets now. He will be signing as time permits over the next week or two. He is the last to sign (other than the 100 sheets that Terry still has to sign).
  • Once Todd is finished, I will pick up the sheets and visit Terry. He will sign his remaining 100 sheets and I will spend the time numbering.
  • When I dropped the sheets off with Todd, we talked about the new piece of art that will be on the S&N edition of Unfettered. And we decided to go a different direction than what we had previously planned. Todd had a superior idea for the cover and I fell in love with it immediately. It will resonate with the Unfettered theme—and will feature a scene from his forthcoming dragon book. More on that soon.
  • Todd has two covers and a number of Magic the Gathering cards to paint. Then he will paint the new cover for the S&N edition of Unfettered. No time table for all of this. I told Todd not to stress. I’d rather get this done right for the time we all have invested in it, right?

There you have it. The most current information. Progress. We are so close. Reach out to Todd on Facebook or his website and thank him for doing the final piece of art. He’s been amazing to work with and I think he should be told that.

More news when I know it!

4 thoughts on “June Update: S&N Unfettered

  1. Stoked to see how close this is 😀 #worththewait

    I bet after the first 50 in a session the signatures lean a bit towards the atrocious side haha, mine certainly does at work after 5 or 10.

    I would def be interested in giveaways featuring or purchasing some Todd magic originals 😉 Just saying.

    Completely agree on the not stressing thing, so much has gone into the project, We can wait <3

  2. I agree whole heartedly with Mark M. After a few signatures, my terrible writing reaches level ‘atrocious’. And yes, better to take time with this wonderful book than not. Shawn, keep up the great works! Wanted to say that TDT was a great read and am looking forward to more! Thank you! – kel s.

  3. Any new updates on the S&N Unfettered. Thanks btw Shawn for what you do. 🙂

  4. S & N is becoming something like a “fine wine”. I have already read the ebook version, twice. This treasure will be located in a place of honor with all of my other 1st editions. Please take your time. This gem needs to be handled with care. Thanks for all of the care you are putting into this project. Also, Shawn, thanks for the advice you gave me in regards to my Iowa friend who is looking for another publisher. It was appreciated.

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