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September Update: S&N UNFETTERED

header-unfetteredarc-usIt’s been three months since the last update on the printing of the Signed & Numbered Edition of Unfettered.

I’m sorry to say that no progress has been made on it. I’m still waiting on a new piece of artwork from Todd Lockwood. The rest of the book is ready to go to the printer. Todd assures me that he can finish the new piece of art by the end of September. The artwork he intends to paint would make the book beautiful beyond my dreams.

If he doesn’t get it done by the end of September though, I don’t have a choice. This book simply must be printed, shipped, and placed on shelves to be enjoyed by those of you who came to my aid during a dark time.

What would you guys have me do? Wait longer for Todd to finish his work? Or I could produce an all-white look for the book (white slip case, white ribbon, white dust jacket) featuring only the artwork (no words or fonts on it) from the Advance Reader Copy (ARC) edition.

You guys do have a say in this. I look forward to your comments! Be honest.

This needs addressing. Thanks!

29 thoughts on “September Update: S&N UNFETTERED

  1. We’ve waited a while to get the best book possible. If delaying, if needed, foe Todd to finish the piece isn’t financially irresponsible, then I’d say lets wait and get the best damn book possible. This was a great return to us for doing something more important in helping you, so take the time needed.

  2. I’m happy to wait for the artwork.

  3. I say wait. Knowing Todd’s work it will be well worth the wait. This is not something that I think most will be reading from anyway. I know I own both the ebook and regular copy of and will use those for reading. With all the signatures and what you are doing for the binding this boom will be a treasure on my shelves.

  4. WAIT!!! Awesome piece by Todd Lockwood!? I’ve waited two years so far, why not another month?! I will wait. 🙂

  5. One month, two or even next Spring take all the time necessary to do it right.

  6. Shawn, we (or at least I) bought the book for at least two reasons: 1. To help you out and 2. To own a fantastic signed/number edition of your book and 3. We managed to do 1 earlier, but to satisfy the second reason, at least I am ready to wait awhile longer. I have read the e-book version, and will put the S/N version in a special place on my bookshelf when it is finally ready.

  7. I am so keen to wait. Todd does amazing artwork and I’m willing to wait to get his artwork on my book 😀

  8. I would certainly be willing to wait. This is a special thing happening and a tiny bit longer won’t hurt 🙂

  9. I’m willing to wait. But, it would be nice to be able to read the stories. Maybe a digital copy to hold us over?

    1. @Schwartz the Younger you probably are already aware, but Unfettered is available as an eBook. Check out Amazon or your favorite eBook retailer.

      1. Thank you @DavidSalchow. I am already aware of the ebook (which is why I mentioned it). What I had in mind was along the lines was a complimentary copy of Unfettered.

        I know that the whole point of this endeavor was to help Shawn raise money for his medical bills, but it is my understanding that he has already raised the money to pay off his debt. And, since there is no physical copy involved with an ebook there would be no additional cost to Shawn to send us the file for our reading pleasure.

        I just thought it could be a nice gesture to say thank you for our patience.

  10. I’m willing to wait for the artwork

  11. I also would vote to wait. Especially if it will be “beautiful beyond your dreams”. At this point, I’m in to wait until it is finished and perfect. Thanks for the update and willingness to hear us out.

  12. I’m willing to wait too. Like so many others, I bought the S&N and the regular hardbound edition to have a copy to read and a priceless piece to add to my library of leather bound books. We’ve waited this long–what’s a little bit longer? I truly don’t think it will bother anybody who bought the S&N edition to help you out and to have a collector piece.

  13. I am willing to wait for Todd’s artwork. Thanks for the update and I think I can be patient and wait.

  14. This is an almost unique piece of art made for and in a specific context.
    As long as it’s still on his way, I’ll be happy to wait as long as needed for it to be the best.
    This book means something. It shall be made as good as can be.

  15. I say wait. Even if it pains me…but we’ve lasted so long, I’m sure we’ll survive a bit longer. *sigh

  16. I have no problem waiting for Todd’s artwork either.

  17. Waiting a few more months won’t bother me!

  18. IMHO: We have waited about two years so far, so a couple more months (hopefully) is not asking too much. Just remember though, even George R.R. Martin fans have a breaking point! LOL Just Kidding Shawn, we do appreciate it being done right and I hope the new artwork isn’t really a “white” copy, I already own the ARC which is black and white, so I want the Masterpiece to be a bit more colorfull please!

    These updates are very helpful so we know it isn’t just shelved as a good idea that went away.

  19. More than willing to wait few more months =). 2 years ago when I ordered the book I saw it as helping a great cause. That being said I still feel this way and will be more than willing to wait for a perfect product. This way if it’s here around Christmas my wife doesn’t have to get me anything LOL.

  20. I have absolutely no problem waiting for however long it takes for you to get the book out. I would rather see this done the way you wish it than rushed and you not be happy with it.

  21. I’m also willing to wait and as far as I can see – people who commented above me want the best book possible just like me. 🙂

  22. Shawn, I am with everyone else. I would rather have the book the way you and Todd want it. If the book looks good and then it reads well, which it does, then the value is greater to the author and the reader! In Todd’s case, an artist cannot be hurried as he puts on paper his perception and talent as the author puts his in words.

  23. One more vote for “wait” for all the reasons stated above.

    Also, thank you for the communication and updates! I’ve actually lost money with unscrupulous dealers and it’s reassuring to know that Shawn is not a “Rogue.”

  24. My vote is to wait as well. I look forward to seeing the new artwork.

  25. If it’s not to late, my vote is to wait.

  26. Speaking for myself, I agree with the others, we have waited this long a little more time to get the artwork which would undoubtedly enrich the book for owners and for collectors, I see no problem waiting. For me you have done the most important thing and that is credibly communicate. I will be looking at the other books too.

  27. Please wait. This has become a labor of love (and I assume sometimes frustration). The soul purpose for this publication was to provide assistance to a pretty cool dude whom I have never met. I have thoroughly enjoyed witnessing Shawn’s trek from poor health to a future wedding. This publication will be like a fine wine. I have had the pleasure of building a new book shelf in my office for my current collection, and you can bet there is a place of honor for this baby. Patience will bring wonderful fruition for all.

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