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New Auctions: Benefiting Bookseller Duane Wilkins

subpress-shiningGrim Oak Press is featuring new auctions right now!

What are these auctions? I’ll give a little bit of backstory.

When people came to my medical debt aid by buying the fantasy anthology Unfettered, I decided I would work hard to pay it forward, to help others in similar positions to what I had found myself in. Sadly, I didn’t need to look far. There are a number of writers going through financial hardship right now due to medical reasons. I will be helping them with Unfettered II, the new fantasy anthology publishing in August 2015.

That said, I could also help in other ways. I decided to add an Auctions page to Grim Oak Press, where people could donate items of geeky interest and I would auction them off to raise money for others in need.

Bookseller Duane Wilkins is a friend. We have known one another for almost twenty years now, ever since I moved to Seattle and began attending science fiction and fantasy author events at his bookstore. He also knows and is friends with hundreds of sci-fi/fantasy authors, all of which thank Duane for going above and beyond selling their books.

Unfortunately, Duane has had some serious heart problems in the last year or so. And he has a serious medical debt. The Auctions page is help for that. Once we get Duane’s medical debt knocked down to a manageable level, we will put up auctions for other people in the book industry who need help.

So click HERE and take a look at the two pages worth of auctions! Some really great stuff there.

A big thanks to Bill at Subterranean Press! He donated a Signed & Limited Edition of The Shining by Stephen King!

Thank you for your consideration and bidding! If you have any questions, please post them below or contact HERE.

Best Holiday Wishes!

Shawn Speakman

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