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Closed For 2014

icon-grimoakpressHi Everyone,

It is now December 16th and I’m closing Grim Oak Press for the remainder of 2014. The business is moving into a new home—as am I, ha!—and I will be without the internet required to ship out books.

Thank you everyone for making 2014 a wonderful year! We sold a lot of books, got some excellent reviews, helped some people, and now I’ve already begun preparing for 2015! I am currently putting together a new anthology titled Unbound. I have already received a few short stories for August’s release, Unfettered II. And I’m publishing hardcover copies of The Twilight Dragon & Other Tales of Annwn, taking pre-orders on January 1, 2015!

Plus some surprises I can’t talk about yet.

Prepare for next year! It’s going to be epic!

Happy New Years!


2 thoughts on “Closed For 2014

  1. All f the 2015 news sounds great, but i was wondering if their is an unfettered update?

  2. sorry I just saw there was a seperate pst on that.

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