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Current Auctions Ended

galley-gauntlgrymHi Everyone,

Happy Holidays! This is the time of the year where a lot of people give to those less fortunate—whether it’s people you know or complete strangers. To me, that’s real magic.

That happened here on Grim Oak Press. Art Boulton posted about two dozen auctions and you guys came bidding to help Duane Wilkins, one of the genre’s best booksellers. The auctions were a success. Some very good signed books are finding new homes this holiday season, and the money raised is going toward softening the medical debt that is crippling him at the moment. AND, there will be another round of auctions in early 2015, including one for a fully signed and limited edition of Legends edited by Robert Silverberg! Stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone! I already know you all are amazing; you came to my aid two years ago when I needed it. And now we are moving forward, helping others. It gladdens my heart in ways I can’t recount.

Art is currently contacting winning bidders and boxing up books to get them shipped out. If you have a question, please contact him at!

Best Holiday Wishes!


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