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Pre-ordering begins March 1st!
Pre-ordering begins March 1st!
Unbound, the follow-up anthology to Unfettered, is coming this summer!

Definition: Not bound, as a book. Free.

Like Unfettered before it, the contributing writers of Unbound were allowed to submit the tales they wished fans of genre to read–without the constraints of a theme. It is an anthology filled with some spectacularly wonderful stories, each one as diverse as its creator.

Here is the Unbound line-up:

  • ■ Terry Brooks (intro)
  • ■ Kristen Britain
  • ■ Jim Butcher
  • ■ Rachel Caine
  • ■ Harry Connolly
  • ■ Delilah S. Dawson
  • ■ David Anthony Durham
  • ■ Jason M. Hough
  • ■ Mary Robinette Kowal
  • ■ Mark Lawrence
  • ■ John Marco
  • ■ Tim Marquitz
  • ■ Seanan McGuire
  • ■ Peter Orullian
  • ■ Kat Richardson
  • ■ Anthony Ryan
  • ■ Shawn Speakman
  • ■ Brian Staveley
  • ■ Michael J. Sullivan
  • ■ Sam Sykes
  • ■ Mazarkis Williams

A fantastic line-up, to be sure. Fourteen of the stories have already been turned in a month early. Todd Lockwood will be contributing the interior and cover artwork. The cover image on this newsletter is just a placeholder and not the final version of the cover. But, oddly enough, the Arthur Rackham painting does evoke elements of The Dead’s Revenant, my own short story contribution to Unbound.

There will be four editions of Unbound:

HARDCOVER ARC: This edition of Unbound will feature all of the stories in the anthology without interior artwork, showcasing the early black and white Todd Lockwood sketch for the cover’s dust jacket. It will not be numbered or signed, although if I have time, as editor and contributor, I will sign as many copies as I can. This edition will also publish at least two months before the final trade hardcover, giving readers an early look at the anthology. Pre-ordering will begin March 1, 2015. Limited to 250 copies.

SIGNED & NUMBERED: This edition of Unbound will be numbered and signed by all of the contributors as well as artist Todd Lockwood, and it will be leather-bound featuring a leather slip case, ribbon, and perhaps an additional story set in my Annwn Cycle series. Those who ordered the S&N edition of Unfettered have until April 15th to order their number-matching copy of Unbound. Numbered copies not ordered by April 15th will become available for ordering by everyone else, first come and first purchased. Limited to 500 copies.

TRADE HARDCOVER: This edition of Unbound will be printed with the highest quality materials and have a several thousand copy print run just like Unfettered had. Pre-ordering will begin March 1, 2015.

EBOOK: This edition of Unbound will be the entirety of the book for all ebook platforms. Those who order the Signed & Numbered edition of Unbound, or those who order the trade hardcover or ARC in the month of March 2015, will receive the ebook free through email! Pre-ordering will begin once all stories have been turned in by the contributors.

NOTE: If you order two or more books on the same receipt, the books will ship together (ie. when the last book is ready to ship). Therefore, on March 1st, do not order an ARC on the same receipt as a Trade Hardcover unless you are willing to wait for the ARC when the Trade Hardcover publishes in early summer.

Unbound is coming in the early summer! I will announce an official date when the last story is turned in. I am really excited about this book. I’m pleased to work with such talented writers. And I can’t wait to share Unbound with you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email via the Contact page!

Exciting times! More great stories coming soon!

Best Wishes,
Shawn Speakman


12 thoughts on “The UNBOUND Line-Up

  1. Great I can’t wait to get this too. I wish the ARCs were at least numbered to match my Unfettered ARC, I think i’ll try to get one of the S&N copies too.

    1. I may do something with the first 50 orderers again. We’ll see. 🙂

      1. But the ARC for UNFETTERED was not numbered in the traditional sense. I only numbered the first 50 books ordered to help David Farland.

        1. Oh ok, I know mine is #5 but now that you mention it, i do remember that is why. Either way i’m excited to get this collection too!

  2. S&N Ordered, I loved Unfettered and looking forward to adding this to my collection. Thanks again Shawn.

  3. It’s great to see this! I can hardly wait!

  4. Hmm alot of authors I’ve never read. Looking forward to it!!!

  5. I’m so exited! However when I went to order the S&N version of Unbound ,I couldn’t do so. I’d really really like to order one asap!

    1. Did you order a Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered? If not, you can’t order a S&N edition of Unbound until April — if there are any copies left by then. Which I think there will be. Stay tuned.

  6. Very cool. Just put my order in.

  7. […] I will be traveling a lot this year for various reasons. First, I am publishing two new anthologies and I like supporting them. Unbound will publish this summer and Unfettered II will publish in October at New York Comic Con! To look at the line-up for Unbound, click HERE. […]

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