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Open Pre-Order: S&N of UNBOUND

Pre-order now!
Pre-order now!
It is April 15th. Tax day in the United States.

And rather than finish my taxes, I’d much rather post something infinitely more interesting!

Grim Oak Press has sold about 2/3 of its Signed & Numbered edition copies of Unbound, my forthcoming sci-fi/fantasy short story anthology. This is better than I expected. I knew a great many people who ordered the Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered purely to help me when I needed it most. They would not want the matching numbers for future S&N editions. And that is the case based on the initial pre-order sales.

But wow, more people wanted matching numbers than I thought! And having received hundreds of emails over the last year asking about how to start collecting the S&N editions that Grim Oak Press publishes, I can now say here is your chance!

First, the line-up for Unbound:

  • ■ Terry Brooks (intro)
  • ■ Kristen Britain
  • ■ Jim Butcher
  • ■ Rachel Caine
  • ■ Harry Connolly
  • ■ Delilah S. Dawson
  • ■ David Anthony Durham
  • ■ Jason M. Hough
  • ■ Mary Robinette Kowal
  • ■ Mark Lawrence
  • ■ John Marco
  • ■ Tim Marquitz
  • ■ Seanan McGuire
  • ■ Peter Orullian
  • ■ Kat Richardson
  • ■ Anthony Ryan
  • ■ Shawn Speakman
  • ■ Brian Staveley
  • ■ Michael J. Sullivan
  • ■ Sam Sykes
  • ■ Mazarkis Williams

I am waiting on two stories to complete the book. And I know Todd Lockwood will start on the cover art soon!

To order the Signed & Numbered edition of Unbound, click HERE! It will also be slipcased, leather-bound, feature a ribbon, and has some absolutely wonderful stories! It think you are going to love it.

Note: The person who possesses a copy of the S&N edition of Unbound has first right of refusal for the S&N edition of Unfettered II, coming later this year!

And you guys will want that power. Trust me!

Happy ordering!

9 thoughts on “Open Pre-Order: S&N of UNBOUND

  1. Hey Shawn. I didn’t get an order in for this yet because I haven’t had the extra money so far. I hope there will still be some of the 1/3 left on Friday. I get paid then and hope to pick one up. I don’t even care if the number matches to my Unfettered. If they sell out, I will get one of the lesser versions and the e-book too.

    1. I will make sure that you don’t lose that number if you are going to order by the weekend. No problem.

  2. Shawn, that would be AWESOME! I buy it early on Friday…and good luck on getting the rest sold. I am sure they will go really quick now!

  3. Hey Shawn, I was wondering before I pre-order if there are any shipping costs as I am currently in the UK?


    1. Yes. There are shipping costs. You can put the book in the shopping cart, select the UK, and see for yourself how much it will cost.

  4. Shawn, I got it ordered just now. Thanks for getting me my matching number. Now I have to save up for Unfettered II!

  5. Hi Shawn, I just placed my order! I have a quick question: Is Terry going to sign this also, or just the story contributors? Thanks for your time, and ongoing efforts here and with the signed page.

    1. Yes, Terry will be signing these. 🙂

  6. Unbound trade ordered….check
    Unbound ARC ordered….check
    Unbound S&N ordered….check!

    I had ordered the first two awhile back and was locked out of the ordering of the S&N for the time being. Telling myself I would check back in mid-April when the update came out, I didn’t check back in mid-April when the update came out. I’m on the mailing list as well so I clearly missed the tax day email update. I’m guessing I deleted by accident.

    Yesterday something tickled the memory and I found myself checking in, thinking I was doomed. No! I missed out on the S&N of Unfettered and am very happy to get in on this round.

    Very excited! Thanks Shawn!

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