Announced: S&N Edition of THE UNREMEMBERED

One of Library Journal‘s Best SF/Fantasy Books of 2011!

When I edited and published The Sound of Broken Absolutes in 2013’s Unfettered anthology, even I was unprepared for the amount of accolades Peter Orullian’s short story would garner. It is a beautiful story of grief and music and it touched a chord with readers all over the world. Many called it the best tale in the book.

I can say with certainty that those of you who enjoyed Peter’s contribution in Unfettered are also going to greatly enjoy his short story in Unbound.

But when Peter shared that The Unremembered—the first novel in the Vault of Heaven series that spawned those short stories—would be republished in a trade paperback Author’s Definitive Edition in preparation for the second book’s publication, Trial of Intentions, I knew I wanted a hardcover on my shelf that matched it. I also knew I wouldn’t be the only one.

I contacted Peter and his publisher, Tor Books, in hopes of gaining the rights to publish a Signed & Numbered hardcover of the Author’s Definitive Edition of The Unremembered. They both agreed!

Artist Rado Javor is contributing new cover artwork for the Grim Oak Press edition of The Unremembered (the cover above is not finished). The book will be leather-bound and will feature a ribbon. It will be signed and numbered by Peter Orullian himself, limited to 500 copies! And we hope to have finished copies by the middle of June at the latest.

Here are progressions of cover art for The Unremembered from Rado Javor:

Sketch One

Sketch One

Sketch Two

Sketch Two

Sketch Three

Sketch Three

If you are looking for a new epic fantasy series by a writer whose prose is absolutely gorgeous, click HERE to learn more about The Unremembered!

And then buy this edition!

Note: If you have ordered previous Signed & Numbered editions from Grim Oak Press and you want a matching number of The Unremembered, please leave a note in your order when you checkout and then send me an email to remind me. Thank you!

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  1. Looks like it’ll be an amazing book to add to my collection!
    However when I went to order, via paypal, says there was an error and my cart was empty? I rechecked several times with the same result. Is there a way to just pay with a credit card and bypass paypal? I tried to unclick the circle denoting paypal as payment, with no result. First time Ive had issue with this.
    Thanks Shawn!

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