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Shipping Update: S&N of UNFETTERED


I have received notification from Thomson-Shore that the Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered has shipped from the printer!

Sometime next week, I will receive the copies that we all have waited for so patiently. I am eager. And scared out of my mind. I hope the book is exactly as I envisioned. I hope the dust jacket is as gorgeous as Todd Lockwood painted it. I hope the interior is as gorgeous as I have hoped, with its ribbon and high-quality paper and full-color interior page opening the new short story I added to the book, The Unlocked Tome. I hope the leather of the slip case and leather of the book match and match well.

I hope. I hope. I hope.

When I receive them, I will take some photos. And post them. So you guys know they are real. Then I will begin shipping them out all over the world, as protected as I can make them.

To you all, the people who love reading. And books.

Who have the largest of hearts.

More news when I have it!


Post Script: Don’t forget! The Signed & Numbered edition of Unbound is available for order right now! There are only about 100 copies left. If you want the book to match the same number as your S&N Unfettered, you’d better order soon! The S&N of Unbound also gives you first right of refusal for the S&N of Unfettered II!

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  1. Awesome to hear Shawn! Too bad they didn’t send you a few ahead of the main shipment just so you could see how they were. It sounds really great and I am looking forward to your sneak pics for us. Thanks!

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