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Arrival: S&N of UNFETTERED

sn-unfettered08The Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered has arrived!

And it’s gorgeous. Exactly what I envisioned when I began planning this book almost three years ago. It is physical proof of your outstanding generosity—whether you contributed to the book in some way or you purchased the book.

I will begin shipping books once I figure out the best way to ensure their safe arrival to their respective owners. This book will not be shipped with mere bubblewrap and a box. I’m thinking bubblewrap around the book placed in a box. Then that box bubblewrapped and placed in another box. This will help keep the world away from this precious book.

I imagine I will begin shipping Monday. So expect your book soon! If you have moved to a new address, definitely write me an email and update it. I don’t want these books getting lost!

Here are photos of #101, owned by reader Katrine:

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Two months ago, I asked you guys if you’d be interested in remarqued copies by Todd Lockwood. Since that time, I’ve decided to not do that. For a good reason. Todd has written a novel and it will be published by DAW Books next year. He has to finish his art for that book as well as the edits—and they are due by November. Todd is also painting me two covers for Unbound and Unfettered II and has other commitments he must finish.

I want him to put his energies toward those projects and he feels the same way. Many apologies about that. He will of course remarque your copies if you see him at a convention this summer. And once his schedule lightens up a bit, I’m sure he will accept books through the mail.

Remember those 100 additional un-numbered copies of Unfettered? I decided not to go forward and produce them with leather, or a ribbon, and certainly no Todd Lockwood remarque. More news on those copies and when they will be available for order after I get the Signed & Numbered copies shipped out. Those who ordered the Signed & Numbered copies come first.

An exciting day! One I will remember for a long time.

Thank you for your patience. I hope you proudly display this book in your home or office. It is a testament to your heartfelt generosity and how humanity can come together to great wonder.

In care,

PS: Patrick Rothfuss purchased 15 copies of the Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered, by the way, for his charity. If you want a copy, you’d better join and watch Worldbuilders!

27 thoughts on “Arrival: S&N of UNFETTERED

  1. shawn, it looks gorgeous. i already know it reads that way, too. you must be so proud. CHEERS!

    1. Shawn, the package arrived on Saturday, 4 days ahead of schedule. The packaging was perfect (boxed, wrapped in bubblewrap, boxed again). It was like unwrapping the best Christmas/Birthday present EVER! The book is gorgeous! I opened it just enough to check out the autographed page, then carefully wrapped it up again and am placing it in a prominent location in my bookshelf. It is easy to see how much effort you put into this. Very impressive!

  2. Those look incredible!! I cannot wait to get mine in the mail. They are definitely worth the wait Shawn!

    I am going to be one proud owner of this book and the other upcoming anthologies that you are editing.

  3. Shawn the Book looks AMAZING !!!! Great job .

  4. Amazing! I can’t wait!

  5. WOW!! Wonderful book!! Christmas in may!

  6. I laughed when I saw the pic of you waiting for the books to come off the truck! You gave one to the driver…that is pretty awesome too! It looks really good and I am looking forward to the arrival. Thanks for sharing the pics Shawn!

  7. Sean, I don’t often comment, but I felt I had to for this momentous event. I largely purchased this book to help you as I am a huge fan of what you did when faced with a large debt (and of course because I am a big fan of some of the authors who contributed!). In the years after I made the initial purchase my feelings on the purchase have swayed from annoyed, to upset, to just plain ridiculously exited!

    My anticipation of this tome will be difficult to live up to, however judging from your initial pics I will be more than pleased! You Sir, are a credit to the American spirit and indomitable will. As such, I plan on supporting yourself and your causes as long as I am able to.

    1. That’s very kind words, Daniel. Glad you are “plain ridiculously excited” instead of “upset.” haha

  8. It looks beautiful. I cannot wait for it to get here. Also cannot wait to pre-order Unfettered II. Will proudly display all 4 books when they arrive…Unfettered, Unbound, Unremembered and Unfettered II. My book shelf will be rockin!!!!!!

    1. I know! I can’t wait to have all of those books on my shelf as well! They will look beautiful together!

  9. WOW the book look amazing. The delivery pictures are great too, brought a smile to my face. The book looks scary great, will be behind glass on my bookshelf.
    Already looking forword to Unfettered ll

  10. Absolutely perfect! Going to re-dust that empty spot on my shelf! I am patiently(sort of) awaiting my copy! The little fangirl in me is squeeing like mad! Yay!

  11. I JUST got back from picking up the book! WOW!!!! So perfect! Absolutely stunning! So worth the wait!!! Thank you Shawn it is amazing!!!

  12. Hi Shawn, my copy of Unfettered turned up today all safely packed away. Awesome cover and boxing. I have a question about the book itself as the page edges (long side) seem very “rough cut”. Is that the way it’s supposed to be ?

    1. That’s the way they are supposed to be. A more expensive and exotic look to the book. 🙂

      1. Thanks Shawn 🙂

  13. I was disappointed that I missed out on this edition, I was unsure on when they would be released/shipped so I stalked ebay for months waiting for an edition to be posted and I was able to snag the first one sold second hand. Its waiting for me at home and I cant wait to get back to my apartment so I can check it out, it looks great! :).

    1. Make sure you order the S&N of Unbound then! So you don’t miss out on Unfettered II!

      Out of curiosity, how much did you end up paying on the secondary market for the book?

      1. Thank you! Didn’t know. Just placed my order for Unbound.

        I paid 400 for a matching Thorn and Unfettered set.

  14. IT is absolutely fantastic!
    The Book arrived on Wednesday and having it in my hand was a wonderful feeling. It is a book to be read and hold dear.
    Really glad, it let all this good story happen!

    Greetings from Germany, Arne

  15. Hello Shawn, thanks for books, my numbered signed edition of Unfettered arrived to match my The Dark Thorn edition…almost. Is there a chance we can have a slipcase for The Dark Thorn to match Unfettered?

    1. It’s a good idea. But not cheap. I will think about it.

  16. […] The editions will be produced with the same high-end quality materials as those that went into the Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered and will be designed similarly. You can see photos of that book HERE. […]

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