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Google Hangout: Peter Orullian & His TRIAL OF INTENTIONS

orullian-trialofintentionsI am interviewing author Peter Orullian tonight at 5:30PM PDT on Google Hangouts!

Next week Trial of Intentions, Peter’s new Vault of Heaven novel, publishes on May 26th and we will be talking about that, epic fantasy in general, as well as accepting questions from readers that Peter will answer On Air! Should make for a fun time! Peter is quite knowledgable about all things fantasy and his short story work is incomparable.

And we might even have some special guests pop in. We will see!

Hope to see you there! Feel free to post your questions below in the comments field. Or simply wait for the event to start and 5:30 and chat your questions to us that way!

To order a signed copy of Trial Intentions, click HERE!

See ya tonight!

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