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Bonus Material: The Unremembered


When I was diagnosed with cancer, author Peter Orullian was there for me.

We had become friends by that point, going to the same author events at the University Bookstore and talking the craft of writing and publishing. While I was going through chemotherapy and too weak to leave my apartment, Peter would often pick me up food. I ate a lot of Taco Bell. The thing I craved most for some strange reason.

So when I began planning Unfettered, Peter was one of the first writers I asked to contribute a short story. I knew he’d turn in a beautiful tale because I’d read his other short story work by that point.

And he didn’t disappoint. The Broken Sound of Absolutes has largely been reviewed as a fan-favorite for Unfettered. It is the longest story in the anthology, true, but it is also quite poignant, a moving look at grief and humanity.

Here is what others have to say about The Broken Sound of Absolutes:

The Sound of Broken Absolutes is one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever read . . . stunningly gorgeous, painfully intimate, and magnificently epic. This is a story of war, music, loss, and restoration, and it will touch the hearts of its readers.”

— The Ranting Dragon

The Sound of Broken Absolutes offers a theme of rebuilding our broken selves. It resonates perfectly. Orullian pours love and dread into his rich novella about art, loss and reconstruction. His tale disturbs and ultimately uplifts with the authenticity only possible from a writer who looked life’s hardship in the eye and shook its bony hand.”


I am excited about the Signed & Numbered edition of The Unremembered, the first book in Peter’s Vault of Heaven series. The Author’s Definitive Edition is a gorgeous book just like his short story. And when we began working on the idea for this leather-bound book, I asked Peter if there was any bonus material we could include.

Having now figured out how deliver such bonus material, we can announce it!

BONUS MATERIAL: Those who order the S&N of The Unremembered will receive a code for a free digital download of The Sound of Broken Absolutes for their eReader. The download will work on Kindle, Nook, etc. The code will be delivered the week the book ships!

If you have any questions, please comment below!

3 thoughts on “Bonus Material: The Unremembered

  1. What a great story! You have turned me on to Peter’s work and I have ordered his S&N for Unremembered and Trials through the Signed Page. I can’t wait to read both. It’s always good to see there are wonderful people still out there. Much success to both of you.

    1. Not your hardship Shawn, but the friendship that arose…

  2. Any news on how this project is progressing?

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