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The Broken Empire

photo-marklawrenceRavens! Always the ravens.

When I read those first words of Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence, I knew the book would be a special read. It was. I have always enjoyed reading anti-heroes since Stephen R. Donaldson’s bastard of a leper Thomas Covenant, and Prince Honorous Jorg Ancrath is just as fascinating, grim, and despise-worthy.

Yet, I found myself rooting for him, the very definition of an anti-hero. If you have not read Prince of Thorns and its two sequels, here is more information about The Broken Empire trilogy:

When he was nine, he watched as his mother and brother were killed before him. At thirteen, he led a band of bloodthirsty thugs. By fifteen, he intends to be king…

It’s time for Prince Honorous Jorg Ancrath to return to the castle he turned his back on, to take what’s rightfully his. Since the day he hung pinned on the thorns of a briar patch and watched Count Renar’s men slaughter his mother and young brother, Jorg has been driven to vent his rage. Life and death are no more than a game to him—and he has nothing left to lose. But treachery awaits him in his father’s castle. Treachery and dark magic.

No matter how fierce his will, can one young man conquer enemies with power beyond his imagining?

I was not the only author who became an instant Mark Lawrence fan. Terry Brooks, Orson Scott Card, Robin Hobb, Peter V. Brett—all praised The Broken Empire trilogy for its character inventiveness, world building, and prose.

When I began thinking of projects that would be a good fit at Grim Oak Press, The Broken Empire by Mark Lawrence was near the top. After all, I edited Mark in Unfettered and I love working with people who love books as much as I do!

And today, Mark and I can announce that project!

Coming Spring 2016 from Grim Oak Press, The Broken Empire by Mark Lawrence is an omnibus featuring the three books of his trilogy in one beautiful volume. It will include nine new black and white interiors by fan-favorite artist Jason Chan as well as remarkably wicked thorn graphics by Patrick Rothfuss artist Nate Taylor.

Here are the details:


  • ■ Limited to 52 copies
  • ■ Leather-bound book in a leather slipcase
  • ■ Signed by Mark Lawrence, Jason Chan, and Nate Taylor
  • ■ Three full-color interior plates by Jason Chan featuring his previous cover artwork on the trilogy
  • ■ Nine new black and white interior images by Jason Chan
  • ■ Exterior and interior thorn graphics created by Nate Taylor
  • ■ Gilded page edges on the book
  • ■ Sewn-in black ribbon
  • ■ Additional short story included with fan interest


  • ■ Limited to 1000 numbered copies
  • ■ Cloth-bound book with no slipcase
  • ■ Signed by Mark Lawrence, Jason Chan, and Nate Taylor
  • ■ Three black and white interior plates by Jason Chan featuring his previous cover artwork on the trilogy
  • ■ Nine new black and white interior images by Jason Chan
  • ■ Exterior and interior thorn graphics created by Nate Taylor
  • ■ Sewn black ribbon
  • ■ Additional short story included with fan interest

To read Mark’s thoughts on this project, click HERE!

As you can see, The Broken Empire omnibus will be an unbelievably epic volume, featuring amazing talent. And for $100, getting three novels in one book is a great deal, especially signed by three people! Pre-orders will begin October 1, 2015 at 9:00 AM PDT for a Spring 2016 release. This will allow all fans ample time to prepare equally.

Note: When The Broken Empire omnibus sells out, Grim Oak Press will donate $10,000 to the charity endeavor of Mark’s choice, keeping in line with Grim Oak Press’s mission of helping others in need.

Note: Those Grim Oak Press customers who already possess a previously published Signed & Numbered book may request for the matching number of The Broken Empire.

Note: The omnibus will feature a new short story set in Jorg’s world as well! It will only be available in this omnibus until Mark decides to put it online at least six months after book publication.

Mark and I will be asking for further input in the months to come about this project we are already so excited about! Why? Because including the readers into this volume’s creation is great fun. If you have any questions, feel free to post them below in the comments field or ask via the Contact page!

Let’s create some grimdark gorgeousness!

Best Wishes,
Shawn Speakman


15 thoughts on “The Broken Empire

  1. […] on Grim Oak Press, author Mark Lawrence and I announced producing The Broken Empire omnibus, a book that very easily would be placed upon one of my library’s […]

  2. I left a comment about this on Mark’s UK blog, which I’ll repost here verbatim:
    “My comment concerns the possibility of your including a short Jorg-related story in the omnibus. I love books, but I love the environment more. So these days I only read via my Kindle. However, I also love your short stories, especially those set in ‘The Broken Empire.’ So I would ask that if you do include a short story in the omnibus, please do not make it exclusive to the print book. Or at least not for more than a year or so. I implore you: please don’t exclude any short stories from those who exercise principles based on conscience, no matter how bizarre they may sound. If Grim Oak Press (or anyone else) were to put out a Kindle version of this omnibus that can be purchased in the US, I would buy it. Thank you.”

    1. Hi Simon,

      Duly noted. I talked to Mark this morning about this very thing. We settled on publishing an ebook (e-short story?) six months after publication and the $2.99 for it going to his charity. That way, no one is left out.

      Sound good? 🙂


      1. Yes, it sounds fair and good. Thank you (and Mark) very much.

    2. This looks like another awesome book ! Thanks Shawn – great work on pulling together great fantasy talent as Grim Oak grows. Hopefully I can get in on the lettered version of this one! Any word on the Shannara trilogy, and what kind of format (lettered, s/n, etc.)? If/when that comes together I am definitely on board! Congrats on ongoing successes.

      1. Terry and I will be talking more about the Shannara trilogy this week.

  3. Would be awesome to have a remarque in the lettered edition or an option for the limited! Also, will Grim Oak limited owners have first rights to order? 😉

  4. Hi Shawn,

    This looks amazing. If we have pre-ordered a S&N copy of Unbound, would we be able to match the number to that as well? From what I remember, there were 500 copies of that made, which is substantially higher than the 52 here. Additionally, we don’t yet know the number we will receive in some cases. Appreciate your time.


    1. There are 500 S&N copies of Unbound. There are 1000 S&N copies of The Broken Empire. Should be fine.

      1. Sorry, Shawn, I meant match our S&N Unbound to the Lettered Edition of The Broken Empire (of which there are only 52). I’m guessing not, but it never hurts to ask…


        1. Yeah, how can you match a number to a letter? That’s not going to be possible. lol

          1. Thanks, Shawn. Given there are 52, wasn’t sure if “lettered” was intended to be literal (a la Sub Press) or simply meant to denote a separate, higher-end edition. Looking forward to it either way.


  5. Shawn, I their any way to assure myself a lettered copy of The Broken Empire? Probably not but I thought I’ld ask anyway. Regards, Wayne

    1. No Wayne. 🙂 Gotta have the same chance as everyone else.

  6. Has made a reminder note on my calendar to check back everyday starting Oct. 1st…must get hands on lettered copy!
    Thanks so much for the amazing offerings @ Grim Oak Press!

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