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The Broken Empire Lettered Edition Sold Out

This morning at 9:00 AM PDT, The Broken Empire Lettered Edition went on sale.

Around 9:10 AM PDT, its 52 copies sold out.

As I knew would happen, high traffic at that time crashed the website for several long minutes. Many of you tried to place an order and could not complete it. But 52 of you placed an order and completed it with PayPal.

The Limited Edition of The Broken Empire is still available. It will also be a beautiful book, signed by author Mark Lawrence as well as artists Jason Chan and Nate Taylor. Several hundred sold this morning. Next week, I will help you all share details about the Limited Edition so we can sell it out—and help give $10,000 to Mark’s charity of choice!

That is the founding spirit of Grim Oak Press. I hope you will help us make it a reality!

And Nate Taylor sent in his first sketches of thorns for the book today…

… I’d better go look at them!

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below or use the Contact page on the website. I will answer them promptly.


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  1. I picked the wrong time to be sick…never had a chance at a lettered edition…but am still supremely happy to get a special edition! Thanks so much for offering us the chance! Yay!

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