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Pending Review/Denied Pre-Orders Details

On October 1st, Mark Lawrence and I launched the pre-order period for The Broken Empire.

Fans of Mark’s work flooded to the website. And in a very short amount of time—minutes, really—more than 200 orders were placed. You guys added books to the shopping cart, the shopping cart contacted PayPal, and you guys purchased your books by moving money from your PayPal accounts over to the Grim Oak Press PayPal account.

As many of you have pointed out, more than a hundred pre-orders did not “Complete” but instead switched over to “Pending Review” status on PayPal. They were red flagged.

And today, when some of you began writing me to let me know your orders had been “Denied” by PayPal, I called them.

After informing the PayPal customer service rep that I haven’t had very good customer service this week, I explained what happened. He checked with his manager, they looked over the account, and then they informed me that Federal regulations red flagged those orders. When a great deal of money moves into an account over a short period of time, the Federal government flags it for terrorist review and ascertains whether or not it is for legitimate purposes.

In short, the Federal government told PayPal to deny those orders.

Because obviously we are a bunch of terrorists.

I can’t tell you how angry I am. Seething is a good word, I think. No. A great word.

I now have to figure out who has been denied and who hasn’t and fix that in the Grim Oak Press database. And then I have to figure out who was denied for Lettered Editions and reach out to them so they can pay.

Please, look at your order on Grim Oak Press as well as in PayPal.

Here is what you do:

  • If you ordered a Lettered Edition of the book and you’ve been denied, I will be reaching out to you.
  • If you ordered a Limited Edition of the book and you’ve been denied, I bet you can place an order now and it will go through.

I’ll try to address this tomorrow. But I am flying out to NYCC on Tuesday and won’t be back for a week thereafter. I will have time to address this more then.

Many apologies to you guys who were denied!

I have no doubt it is not a reflection on your character.

But on the government’s.

10 thoughts on “Pending Review/Denied Pre-Orders Details

  1. Both my lettered and limited orders were denied. I reordered the limited and cancelled the denied limited.

  2. My lettered edition was denied, received the email from Paypal stating “We reversed the payment and refunded your money because we couldn’t finish our review within the required timeframe, or we didn’t receive information from the buyer or seller. We apologise for any inconvenience.” and the order has a status of failed. Federal Government sucks!

  3. Wow!!! That’s messed up.

    Thanks for the update though.

  4. I’ll just order it again 🙂

  5. Any time there is greater than $10,000 transacted the government gets involved and has for more than a decade. But that’s usually for a single transaction. Paying for a car with cash leads to this kind of hang up. Maybe that’s why Paypal shut down for everyone, so much money moved so fast it was all flagged. So, I guess anyone who was over order # 33 was screwed. 33 * 300 = 9900. Unless some other regulation got in the way. Oh well, I went to plan B and picked up an awesome Edgar Rice Burroughs book – so no worries here.

  6. I have done as mentioned earlier in this thread – cancelled my order on the Limited and ordered and paid again. Was wondering whether it would have worked to just use the “Pay” button in the account overview on the old order, as it seems that this order has been updated to an “unpaid” status, if this worked it would probably save you (Shawn) a lot of Work ?

    1. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if that function works? It would save a bit of work but I’m pretty much caught up now.

  7. Thx for getting this fixed. Super excited about the lettered edition.

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