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Unbound ARCs Have Arrived

IMG_6854The hardcover Advance Reader Copies of Unbound have arrived!

They are gorgeous. They compliment the ARC for Unfettered and will look great on the shelf. But beyond that, the stories within are available now to those who possess the ARC. The stories are not edited, not copyedited, and are raw to the reader. Comparing the ARC to the forthcoming finished book will offer a fun exercise in how a story goes from first draft to final draft.

For those of you who ordered the ARC, I will be shipping them on Monday. Why wait so long? Because I am allowing those contributors who live in Seattle to come over and sign over this weekend! They have until Sunday and as of right now a few have shown interest in doing so.

To order your ARC now, click HERE!

More news on Monday morning after the signing weekend!

Become unbound…

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  1. Fantastic!
    Any effort to number some or all of them would be sincerely appreciated.

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