Unbound’s Ebook Is Here!

cover-unbound-finalToday is December 1st!

And you know what that means?

The ebook for Unbound is available in fine ebook stores now!

I am more than proud to have my name alongside that of Unbound. It is arguably better than Unfettered in some ways, its stories more varied but just as magical. There is a bit more science fiction here with fantasy elements thrown in and I loved that. Several of the stories moved me to tears when I was reading them, the tales tugging at the heartstrings. Several of the stories made me laugh or guffaw as the case warranted. It is that kind of book, diverse and emotional.

In short, as a fantasy reader for thirty years, I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t want this book if you love the genre as I do.

Here are some links to the ebook:

Order the ebook today! The hardcover (order HERE) should be arriving any day from the printer and when it does, I will let you all know and begin shipping them out immediately!

Happy release day!


12 thoughts on “Unbound’s Ebook Is Here!

  1. Nice! I didn’t order in March, but I am gonna buy the e-book soon. I have the others in e-books too. Looking forward to getting the physical book soon…after they come in! 🙂

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