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Closed For the Holidays

2015 is done.

Well, maybe the year isn’t done, but I certainly am.

It’s been a wonderful year and almost too busy for my liking. But that’s the way these things are. You guys keep buying books; I keep trying to get them published. It’s a fair trade.


But the year has taken its toll. I should be writing. And shipping gifts for them to arrive before Christmas is coming to its cutting off point. Therefore, I’ve decided to close Grim Oak Press for the rest of 2015. You can still pre-order books forthcoming in 2016, and you can still order books that I have in stock. I just won’t be shipping them as quickly as I can, instead preferring to wait until a few orders have added up until I do so.

Thank you everyone for the fantastic 2015. 2016 is looking fantastic for new book projects and it’s because of you guys that I get to do this!

I hope you have a safe holiday season! A fun New Year! And I’ll see you in 2016!

Best Wishes,


3 thoughts on “Closed For the Holidays

  1. Enjoy your holidays. I love seeing small business (for lack of a better term) owners give themselves a week deserved break.

  2. Shawn, a very Happy Holidays to you and your family. See you next year!

    1. Yup! We FINALLY got the artwork. Took forever. The book will go to the printer right after the New year! Probably be about 2 months after that for them to print it and ship.

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