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Update: Unbound Shipping

It is with much joy that I have received finished copies of Unbound!

The anthology looks gorgeous. I couldn’t be happier with it. The Todd Lockwood artwork on the cover really jumps off the dust jacket and the interior art by Stacie Pitt is gorgeous. It sits beautifully next to Unfettered, which makes the bibliophilic purist in my heart happy.

Here are some photos:

I will begin shipping these books out on Monday since I need to get things set up correctly. I will also be signing every single copy—something I didn’t do for Unfettered—because I feel like you guys have been so patient with this book that you deserve a little extra bit of my time to make it a more special book and delivery.

The signature pages for the Signed & Numbered edition of Unbound are making the rounds. I hope to have them back and completed by May. Fingers crossed on that front. It comes down to the authors signing and they are just as busy as I am.

Expect your hardcovers of Unbound soon!

Fun times!


4 thoughts on “Update: Unbound Shipping

  1. Spectacular news. And you are correct, they will look fantastic next to the Ungettered’s I have. Can’t wait!

  2. Or even the Unfettered’s

  3. Shawn! It’s just about 6 a.m. here in Massachusetts. For reasons unknown I woke up about 30 minutes ago. Decided to check the tracking info for the ARC and regular cover and what do I see? The books arrived at the post office right about when I woke up. The post office that is right outside my window. I can hear them load and unload the day’s mail, it’s that close. Oh how I wish I could just walk over now and kindly ask them to just give me the package, save them the hassle of toting it around. I can’t bleeping wait to lay eyes and hands on the books.

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