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Interior Art Recs: The Sword of Shannara

Hi Grim Oak Fans,

Now that the Shannara project has been announced, artist Marc Simonetti can begin work. He has already started re-reading The Sword of Shannara and he will undoubtedly have scenes and ideas that he will want to paint for the interior illustrations. He will be painting live sometimes, so you can watch his progress, which is I think is awesome.

To see examples of Marc’s work on his website, click HERE.

Age of Myth by Michale J. Sullivan Art by Marc Simonetti
Age of Myth by Michael J. Sullivan (publishing June 28, 2016)
Art by Marc Simonetti

But I am a firm believer in fan inclusion when it comes to projects like this. The most beautiful books are those where the most ideas are shared. And you guys are a wealth of information, some of you having read the book dozens of times.

I have two questions for you:

1. What scene would you you like to see for the full-color double-page of The Sword of Shannara?

2. What eight scenes from The Sword of Shannara would you want to see in the book, taking into consideration having to space them throughout for balance?

Comment below with your answers. I’m really looking forward to this. I have my favorites of course but seeing what you guys want should be a great deal of fun!

Hope you all are well!

4 thoughts on “Interior Art Recs: The Sword of Shannara

  1. (1) The speech by Allanon on The Four Lands!
    (2) A Mist Wraith battling Menion Leah at Mist Marsh
    (3) The Druid Keep Paranor
    (3) Shirl Ravenlock and Menion Leah sharing breakfast!
    (4) The City of Tyrsis
    (5) Balinor King of Callahorn
    (6) Skull Kingdom Mountain Pass
    (7) Shea wielding the ancient Sword of Shannara
    (8) Brona the Warlock Lord


  2. (1) Flick meet Allanon upon the trail to Shady Vale!
    (2) Skull Bearer in Forest!
    (3) Flick, Shea & Menion Leah camped Black Oaks Forest!
    (4) The Druid Keep of Paranor!
    (5) The City of Tyrsis!
    (6) Balinor of Culhaven!
    (7) The Dragon’s Crease!
    (8) Heavy Doors of Ravenlock Home!

    Alternate second choice!


  3. For the double cover the siege of Tyrsis with the Skull bearer in the sky would be pretty cool.

    For the 8:
    1. Meeting Allanon
    2. The full group
    3. Tomb of Kings
    4. Battle with the Skull Bearer over the chasm under Paranor
    5. Panamon and Keltset
    6. Siege of Tyrsis
    7. Skull Kingdom
    8. Allanon and Shea after the defeat of the Warlock Lord

  4. For the 8
    1) Keltset holding up the mountain and Shea catching his look while Panamon pulled him away
    2) The battle in the swamp with Menion, Shea and Flick against the mist wraith creature
    3) Menion and Balinor waiting at the pass to confront their pursuer (who ended up being Hendel)
    4) Flick and Shea watching as the Skull Bearer dove down on their encampment that they had just abandoned. OR Shea’s encounter with the King of the Silver River
    5) The trial of Keltset
    6) The group as they first set eyes on Paranor
    7) Allanon at the Hadeshorn
    8) Hendel standing outlined by flames as he calls out to the Gnome nation to allow his friends to pass.

    For the double page – it doesn’t get much more epic than the siege of Tyrsis, but towards the end where the Skull Bearer’s are hovering in the sky.

    There really are a number of great moments in the book and I am sure whatever is chosen will be amazing.

    Thanks Shawn.

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