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The 52 Lettered Edition SHANNARA Winners

I have had numerous people ask me to post the list because they missed my live video.

Therefore, here is the list of the 52 Lettered Edition possible owners. They have two weeks to buy the entire trilogy or Sword. If they do not, they will forfeit their book and I will randomly draw new possible owners. One has already forfeited.

Therefore, if you have not already signed up for the Lettered Edition, click HERE and at the bottom of the page fill out the contact form.

Below is the list for those of you who want to double-check:

1Name: Cody Fulkerson
2Name: Nancy Mayolo
3Name: William Moe
4Name: Weihan Chanf
5Name: Matthew de Groot
6Name: Jeromy Bow
7Name: Samantha Whitney
8Name: Brian Carroll
9Name: Ronald W. Mowrer Jr.
10Name: Gary Lombardo
11Name: Arjan Visscher
12Name: Kurt Churchill
13Name: Ron Frary
14Name: Randy Fullmer
15Name: Kris Jerome
16Name: David marshall
17Name: Daniel Wettstein
18Name: Marc Bayford
19Name: Mark Beauchamp
20Name: Shona Moore
21Name: Derek Andelin
22Name: Matthew Legaspi
23Name: David Holmes
24Name: Stuart march
25Name: Quinten Mandryk
26Name: kyle spencer
27Name: Martin Sniderman
28Name: Robert Kusiak
29Name: glen novak
30Name: Kari Taylor
31Name: David Bean
32Name: Steve DiMarco
33Name: Tony Haws
34Name: Andrea Bicego
35Name: Peter Michael Polyak
36Name: Jerry Wood
37Name: Jonathan Piedmont
38Name: Cynthia Call
39Name: James Davison
40Name: Peter Stryjewski
41Name: Tony Pedley
42Name: George Woodring
43Name: Randy Laam
44Dropped Out
45Name: Wayne Griffith
46Name: karen shaw
47Name: Dan Zimmerman
48Name: Pierce Erickson
49Name: Brian Hester
50Name: Sean srkirk80
51Name: Sean Shepard
52Name: Shawn Speakman

If your name is on the list but you didn’t receive an email, contact me and I’ll send you the email with the passwords you need to order.

Hope you all are well!

3 thoughts on “The 52 Lettered Edition SHANNARA Winners

  1. Thanks for the update, Shawn. Congratulations to the winners!

  2. Will the letters be based off of when you were picked on the list above?

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