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The 14 LETTERED EDITION Shannara Winners

The Shade of Bremen by Marc Simonetti
The Shade of Bremen by Marc Simonetti
Hi Everyone,

As you may have guessed, not everyone decided to purchase the Lettered Editions of the forthcoming Shannara novels. 52 names got drawn and 14 names decided not to buy over the course of two weeks.

That means 14 copies of the Lettered Editions came back up for grabs, making a lot of you very happy. And today, during a live video stream from my Facebook page, I randomly selected 14 new names. They now have the rights to buy the books:

  • Jakob Barker
  • Kevin Mines
  • Nicky Morton
  • giacomo selloni
  • Chris D. Wright
  • Heather Armstrong
  • Lewis Dale Haywood
  • Charles Roque
  • Don DiGalbo
  • Llywelyn Evans
  • Michael Lash
  • Brandon Nelson
  • jamie findler
  • Louis Burwell

These people will have two weeks to buy their Lettered Editions—or at least purchase one of them to secure their rights. If someone does not purchase within that time frame, I will conduct a random number drawing again!

Isn’t this fun?


11 thoughts on “The 14 LETTERED EDITION Shannara Winners

  1. While not in the draw (damn this downward spiraling Aussie dollar that makes even getting the regular editions difficult) it was fun to watch the webcast. This and the Todd signing (which I watched after the fact) were very interesting and it’s great to listen to the Q&A. Thanks for doing these webcasts.

  2. Hi Shawn,
    Did all 14 of these folks order?

    1. I have a few left, it appears. I am traveling at the moment for family but when I return home next week I will look at these again and figure out how best to proceed.

      1. Hi Shawn,
        Did any become available?

        1. Yes. Five copies. So I’ll do a live video tomorrow and draw new ones.

          1. Thanks for checking, Shawn! Got my fingers crossed ’cause I’m ready to pull the trigger!


          2. Thanks Shawn. Fingers crossed & credit card ready

          3. FWAPPP!!! The sound of my wallet flying at Shawn’s wall. Now to have my number pulled….

  3. I had a dream where I could put one of the last ones in the cart and buy. :o)

    I just tried this morning, but no such luck… :o( …. ;o)

  4. Did the draw of the next five happen?

    1. Yes. All copies are sold out now.

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