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Shipped: The Twilight Dragon

cover-thetwilightdragonHi Everyone,

I received copies of The Twilight Dragon, my prelude short story collection to my next novel, The Everwinter Wraith!

I have shipped out all Limited Edition copies not waiting on other books to complete the order. I will be meeting with Todd Lockwood in the next two weeks to get the Lettered Editions signed. They will be shipped out after I have signed them as well.

The Twilight Dragon features four short stories that all tie-in into The Everwinter Wraith. As a bonus, I have also included the first three chapters from that novel in the collection.

  • The Twilight Dragon: Where an ancient dragon seeking a cure for his dying race returns to the Misty Isles of his birth—to devastating result.
  • The Unfettered Knight: Where an unfettered knight enters Rome’s Vatican to end the threat of a vampire—who bears the darkest of secrets.
  • The Arch Druid’s Grimoires: Where an Arch Druid tracks a witch—who in turn chases a thief who has stolen dangerous books of shadow magic.
  • The White Rose Thief: Where a musician is coerced to return to a past she abhors—to confront a shattered gargoyle whose past is just as shadowy.

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