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Unfettered II Interior Artist Revealed

unfetterediiUnfettered II will publish November 2016.

In one week, I will make the official announcement—why the anthology exists as well as who is contributing to it.

But today, I want to reveal the interior illustrator, the artist lending his magical abilities to the interior of Unfettered II.

It is Hugo Award-winning artist Don Maitz!

Don is an amazing talent. Awards should tell you how the fantasy community feels about his work but all you have to do is look at his portfolio to understand his fantastic gift. When I approached his wife Janny Wurts about contributing a short story to Unfettered II, she offered her husband’s work on the project. She liked the anthology’s purpose; she felt he would be a great fit.

While Todd Lockwood is producing the cover art, Don will read every story. I just sent him printed pages of the book—the image above the cover page of the packet I mailed—and they should arrive to Don tomorrow. He will produce a black and white illustration for each story. And Unfettered II will be all the stronger for it.

He has already begun work in a way. As you can see, he has reimagined Todd Lockwood’s Unfettered broken-chain icon for Unfettered II!

I am thrilled Don is on this project! And I am excited to see his work come into my email inbox!

More news in one week, including order details!

Unfettered II is coming! And it is my job to make sure it is unforgettable.

Shawn Speakman

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