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Project Update: The Broken Empire

cover-brokenempirelimitedHi Everyone,

As of this morning, Thomson-Shore has accepted the files for both editions of The Broken Empire by Mark Lawrence!

Thomson-Shore is, of course, the printer. They are responsible for printing the gorgeous books that Subterranean Press puts together. When I was thinking about launching Grim Oak Press with Unfettered, I knew I needed a printing company located in the United States that does quality work. Bill Schafer at Sub Press highly recommended Thomson-Shore. That was all it took.

Since that time, the printer has done exceptional work for Grim Oak Press. They do that same work for others. That means they are in demand. While this morning they approved of the files I sent them, it doesn’t mean the book goes to press tonight. The Broken Empire will be put into a queue with other company’s projects ahead of me. I have to wait my turn.

It can be as early as six weeks. It can take up to eight weeks. It just depends on their workload.

At some point in the coming weeks, my Thomson-Shore representative will contact me with an actual printing date. I will certainly pass that along to Mark and the rest of you the moment I Have it.

Thank you all for your patience with The Broken Empire‘s publishing schedule. It should have published in the Spring. Jason Chan finished his work early, Mark contributed his parts early, and so did Nate Taylor. The fault lies with me. In March, right when I was going to start putting it together, my mother fell ill to cancer and died forty-four days later. I was not near my computer a lot as you can imagine during that time and broken thereafter. The sad thing? My mother loved Mark’s first three books and was really looking forward to seeing this omnibus book in print. It just goes to show how fragile life can be.

More news when I know it! Again, thank you for letting me produce this book. I’m excited for it to be on your shelf and my own!

Best Wishes,
Shawn Speakman


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