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The Broken Empire Printing October 31st

Proofs for approval.
Proofs for approval!
Hi Everyone,

Thomson-Shore has scheduled the printing of The Broken Empire. Sort of. They have told me if all goes as planned on their end, the printing should begin October 31st. That means I would have copies by November 14th. That’s when I would begin shipping out the orders to all of you.

Since I requested page and jacket proofs—and they had to be mailed to me—I’m betting that first tentative date of October 31st is slightly off. So I’ll say November 3rd. And the proofs? I think the book is beautiful. It’s a thick heavy thing that I know Jorg would have been proud to carry with him on his travels.

Regardless, the printing is happening finally.

Thank you for your patience, all!


8 thoughts on “The Broken Empire Printing October 31st

  1. Ohhhh, pretty! Will the lettered editions slip cases or tray cases by then, or is that farther out? I’m excited in any case! This one may rival Unfettered and Unbound…..not Unfettered II, tho. It will be your masterpiece!

    1. I just found out today that the Lettered Edition will require about three more weeks time due to the clamshell tray cases I have ordered. For some reason, the printer has changed their slipcase production and it doesn’t allow for ornate silver stamping. So today I scrambled to get a clamshell prepared that will house the book protectively. I’m actually pretty excited about that. I love the trays that are on the Joe Abercrombie lettered editions.

      1. OK. Thanks for the update. I agree. The clamshell tray cases like Shattered Sea trilogy have are awesome. They will be worth the wait.

  2. Beautiful. I’m sure Jorg would happily bludgeon someone to death with such a mighty tome.

    I’m going to be away all of December so I might need to arrange an alternative address or a hold on my copy. Although this could be worth cancelling a trip for…

  3. Looking forward to it. Are there any plans for a Red Queen’s War Omnibus?

    1. There are plans but it depends upon Mark deciding to go with Grim Oak Press again. Should know more about that next year.

  4. Hello Shawn,
    If the book is ready to go next week, should I expect 3-5 business days for delivery to Canada (urban center)?

    1. The book is shipping November 23rd. I am betting it will arrive after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Then I’ll begin shipping the books out, which will take me about a week. I’d say expect delivery sometime around December 13th.

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