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Need 10 Unfettered II Beta Readers Today

cover-unfettered2-mediumHi Everyone,

Unfettered II is finished. All pieces are edited and the book is fully laid out and ready to go to the printer. We are beyond excited about this!

But I’d like to have another few sets of eyes on the book, to read all of the stories and discover any possible problems—from misspellings to extra words to missed periods. In other words, I’m looking for beta readers!

I will be giving the entire book to 10 beta readers but part of that is the demand that each of the 10 readers will have to read two of the stories and report back to me about them. I will tell you which two. If you want to beta read more than that, I will see it as an extra bonus!

The other thing: This has to be done fast. So if you can’t read your two stories within a day, do not enter your name into the contact form below.

For those of you interested, fill out the contact form below. Ten of you will receive a PDF of the entire book later today!

Thank you for your help!


NOTE: Thank you to everyone who entered! I have selected the ten readers and they have been sent emails. This was an exciting thing to do and I hope to do it in the future!

5 thoughts on “Need 10 Unfettered II Beta Readers Today

  1. I have beta read for Michael Sullivan several times.

  2. Do you still need beta readers? I have only been a beta reader twice for a local writer… he is self published, but that was years ago. I would love to do it, if you still have a need, but I would like to know what type of feedback you desire…i.e. grammar, content, etc?

    1. No need for more beta readers. Thanks for the offer though. Means a lot!

  3. Shawn,
    This site is great and I am thrilled to be able to purchase books for my son and help your good cause as well. I wish you much health and happiness for the future.
    Kathy Legere

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