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An Early Gift: Unfettered II Ebook Available Now!


Unfettered II was scheduled to publish December 6, 2016.

But due to a publishing snafu with one of the eBook retailers, the book e-published by accident last week.

That error is your gain. I have decided to make Unfettered II available early so that all eBook consumers have equal chance to read the new anthology at the same time. There really is no reason to wait until December 6, 2016 anyway—the book has been done in eBook form for several weeks.

You can now buy the eBook for Unfettered II here:

For eBook purchases outside of the United States, please search your chosen eBook retailer for the anthology. It should be there as well!

Happy reading! And post here when you start reading the stories! I love hearing about people reading the anthologies.

Best Holiday Wishes,

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