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Update: Lettered The Broken Empire

The Lettered Edition of The Broken Empire will begin shipping early next week.

I was notified this morning by Thomson-Shore that they have finished producing the beautiful clamshell cases that will go around the Lettered Editions. They like the design and work they’ve done so much that I was asked if they could take photos of them and share on social media. I expect something gorgeous when they arrive late this week.

I will spend the weekend putting the clamshell cases about the Lettered Editions and then will ship them out. There are only 52 copies so it shouldn’t take me too long. USPS will then pick up on Monday.

Thank you for your additional patience with these. The book is beautiful and I think the clamshell case that will protect it will be worth the wait.

More news soon!

3 thoughts on “Update: Lettered The Broken Empire

  1. Got my shipping notification. The race is on to see who can post some pics of this beast!

    Quick question Shawn, I understand this was originally a slip case but because the printer no longer did the metallic die stamp it was changed to a clamshell. Is that right? If so, how does this impact the S&N editions of Unbound and Unfettered II? Will they have matching slipcases to Unfettered I?


    1. I addressed your questions in the newest post. Hope that helps!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous. I love it. Well worth the wait. Arrived in perfect condition, thank you so much, Shawn.

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