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Shipped: The Broken Empire Lettered Edition

The Lettered Edition of The Broken Empire has shipped.

USPS just picked up the packages and they are on their way to their owners. I am incredibly happy with how these special editions turned out. I will not post pictures of the book itself because I want it to be a surprise for the owners. Needless to say, I think they will be happy. I thank you all for your patience while the book was printed but even more so for the production of the clamshells that house the books.

About the clamshells. Originally, when I put the book on sale, I thought the printer Thomson-Shore and their side bindery would be able to produce a slipcase similar to what we’ve seen with the S&N of Unfettered. They changed their procedures though and are no longer stamping the spine of the slipcase. I cannot share with you my OCD grief over this. I love a matching shelf when it comes to books — especially the books I produce — and that meant the books would not match. Knowing this, I decided I could look at other avenues to make the Lettered Edition of The Broken Empire something special.

In short, I went a different route and decided to do a clamshell to house each book. This cost me triple what a slipcase would have cost but I think it makes for a better presentation.

Here are some photos:

One of the people who bought a Lettered Edition of The Broken Empire asked a question this morning about how the S&N editions of Unbound and Unfettered II will be produced. It is a good question. I want you all to weigh in on it. I can create a slipcase that has a blank spine but has the Unfettered icon on the front. That is built into the price that I charged at the outset of pre-ordering. I can also offer a clamshell similar to the one for The Broken Empire but I will have to charge additional for it. Post your comments below.

Also, for those of you who own the Lettered Edition of The Broken Empire, I added a Limited Edition dust jacket to the book inside of the clamshell despite it not being part of the deal. I had an unfortunate accident for the Limited Edition that resulted in having to order additional dust jackets and I had too many left over. “I might as well give them to the Lettered orderers,” I thought. Feel free to discard the dust jacket if you don’t like it.

Whew! That was a lot to impart to you. If you have any questions, just ask. I’m always around.

The Bald Man Behind The Grim Curtain,

Shawn Speakman

13 thoughts on “Shipped: The Broken Empire Lettered Edition

  1. Looks great Shawn. As for Unfettered II and Unbound, is it possible to find a new slipcase maker? If not, what would be the additional charge for the traycase? Very strange that they can’t do the spine stamping 🙁

    1. With the price of the slipcase built into the initial cost, I guess we wouldn’t get hit with the full cost of the clam shell – personally I love the clam shell presentation better. I would be willing to pay the extra for Unbound and Unfettered II clam shells – also, I am hoping the Shannara lettered editions will be set up with clam shells.

      1. The Shannara books will be. Because I also like the look.

    2. With shipping to me and what not, it costs $75-80 per clamshell. It’d be another $60. To pay that out of pocket for 500 books… you can see how much it would be. It would destroy Grim Oak. haha

  2. Hi Shawn,

    Thanks for opening this up to discussion.

    I’ve been giving this some thought and my first though is that no changes be made to the current offering, however you create a new product being the clamshell for each of Unfettered I, Unfettered II and Unbound. That way those who aren’t as OCD inclined as others don’t need to pay an additional cost on what they have already paid, and those of us who are looking for that uniform shelf can separately spring for the upgrade. The clamshells could be sold individually or bundled together for a discount if you want all 3.

    I dare say those who are looking for matching sets already have orders in for Unbound and Unfettered II so you could put a timeframe around placing orders for the clamshells so you know exactly how many you need and therefore don’t have to over-order and get stuck with leftovers.

    For future editions of S&N anthologies, those with clamshell sets could be sent an upgrade option after ordering.

    Now I understand that this could be a lot of work and I don’t know the economics of the clamshell production, cost might be too high as a separate product rather than an upgrade or minimum order numbers might put future runs at risk if it’s a bespoke upgrade.

    Alternatively I’m happy to have the entire run upgraded and pay a little extra. However if Unfettered II and Unbound become clamshells as standard, I would very much like the option to buy a matching clamshell for Unfettered I.

    Thanks for listening to my ravings.

    1. I’ve thought of all of that and that’s exactly what I would do. Offer the clamshell as an orderable item on the website. Even make for Unfettered for those of us who want the shelf to look right. haha

      1. I fully support this approach!

    2. If we go with the clamshell as an optional extra purchase, does it replace the slipcase (i.e. we take the books out of the standard slip and put them in the clamshell) or does the slipcase fit inside the clamshell as well? Personally I’d prefer the later. I don’t want to throw away the slipcases but I don’t want to have to store them separately either. What do you guys think?

  3. I’m willing to pay the extra for the clamshell.

  4. I am also willing to pay extra – like the idea that Jeremy proposed.

  5. Let’s go the clamshell route, a much better product.

  6. This news just makes me sad. If this is even a question, then Unbound is still nowhere near going to the printer. I am OCD enough that I think I would want a clamshell for my Unfettered as long as the dimensions match Unbound.

    1. No, Unbound is still not near going to the printer. Still waiting on authors to finish signing. Sadly, there is nothing I can do to speed up the process.

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