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Update: Shadowed Souls

Shadowed Souls

Hi Everyone,

Since I have updated the status on The Sword of Shannara, I figured I should let people know how Shadowed Souls edited by Jim Butcher & Kerrie Lynn Hughes is going.

In short, it’s going really well. Although publishing a bit late, it won’t be as late as some other projects. After having them for two months, Jim Butcher finished signing his signature pages. The pages then went to Kerrie Lynn Hughes, who signed them in record time. Now the pages are enroute to artist Chris McGrath, who should receive them early this next week and who I have no doubt will sign them fast as well.

The book itself is already laid out and ready. We just need the signature pages. Depending on when Chris McGrath finishes his signing, we should have the book to the printer by June 21st.

Then the printer will put it into their printing queue. They will have probably six to eight weeks of other projects ahead of ours, so that puts Shadowed Souls arriving at Grim Oak Press sometime in early to mid-August.

I’m eager for this book. I loved it and it will be the only hardcover for those Dresden Files fans. And not only that, triple-signed!

If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, click HERE!

Fun times!


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