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The $20 / $10 Sale Begins Today!

I am a busy man. As many of you know, I not only run Grim Oak Press but also The Signed Page. They go hand-in-hand for many of you and I do indeed operate both of them out of my home.

It has been a busy 2017 so far but the year is about to get a whole lot busier. I have two and potentially three massive signings coming up in October via The Signed Page. And with Grim Oak Press, I have 1000 copies of The Sword of Shannara Limited Edition shipping to me in early August, 500 copies of Jim Butcher’s Shadowed Souls anthology shipping to me in September, and 500 copies of Peter Orullian’s The Unremembered coming in October if not earlier. In short, my garage is going to be overflowing with new books — books that need space to live.

That means I need to move some books — with a sale on both Grim Oak Press and The Signed Page!

I have discounted a number of titles to the sale price of $10. And my anthologies — Unfettered, Unbound, and Unfettered II — are now reduced to $20 for July. I will sign all copies as well.

Hope you take advantage!

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