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Update: The Unremembered Goes To Printer

The Unremembered by Peter Orullian is finished.

That’s right. Peter turned in the final pieces of the book that our book designer needed, completing the project and putting it back into the printing queue.

How long will it be now? I don’t know as of this moment, although I should know by the end of the week. I am uploading the files for the book to Thomson-Shore even as I type this. But first, my representative there must give me an estimate for the printing cost, I must sign off on it, write them a check, and then the book will be placed in their printing queue. All of which shouldn’t take longer than a few days.

I will say this. The Signed & Numbered edition of The Unremembered that we have produced will be a gorgeous book. And it has these amenities:

  • Only 500 copies
  • 250 blue dust jackets
  • 250 red dust jackets
  • Dust jackets embossed
  • Leather-bound (black)
  • Black Ribbon
  • Signed and numbered by Peter Orullian
  • 23.875″ x 17.75″ glossy map folded into pouch on front interior board

As you can see, it will be quite nice. You may notice the two different dust jackets. Peter and I had a hard time deciding on which color we preferred so we decided to produce both, 250 of the 500 copies having the blue dust jacket and the rest having the red dust jacket. If you want to order two copies to have both dust jackets, write me an email and we’ll figure out how to get your S&N numbers close to one another.

When I hear back from Thomson-Shore about a printing date, I will be sure to let you know!

Pre-order HERE!

One thought on “Update: The Unremembered Goes To Printer

  1. Nice. Put me down for the red. It just looks to pop a bit more in pictures. Either way, pretty excited to see the finished product.

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